Nike Flex Experience RN 7 Review – Is it really comfortable?

Nike Flex Experience RN 7 is a comparatively lightweight model from the more affordable running shoe category Nike released at the beginning of summer 2018. And even though it is shown as a running shoe, it can also be presented as a multifunctional model.

First, the upper. Breathable, skinny mesh gives a feeling that the shoe weighs nothing. In my opinion, one of the greatest producers that, in this regard, can create the top of the shoe, so lightweight, and this Nike Flex Experience RN 7 is no different. Sadly, though, as it is made from a lightweight material (weight ranges 200 – 260 grams for both women and men), I got a feeling the material used is of cheap quality. Also, this is why the fit was a bit poor and could be more accurate in the case of this company because the shoe is very narrow in the middle part.

Nike Flex Experience RN 7 some review updates

  • Nike Flex Experience RN 7 is a standard running shoe created for those who have inactive pronation. It’s also optimized for maximum versatility when taking each step. A knitted material is used for most of the upper. The heel part highlights a loose mesh for enhanced breathability.
  • In this model, the midsole also helps as the outsole. An injected foam that runs the whole length of the product provides cushioning for the foot and surface traction. Hexagonal grooves and diamond patterns help together to ensure grip. Also, there are rubber nodes in the high-wear areas of the heel and forefoot.


The underfoot platform also helps as the outsole of the Nike Flex Experience RN 7. It’s created out of injected foam. It has a small diamond-shaped pattern on the heel and forefoot parts to deliver outside traction.

Hexagon-shaped grooves are placed intricately on the front and midfoot sections. These minor cuts encourage the carpet to bend and move as naturally as possible, especially when moving toward the toes of the guitar wheel.

Rubber nodes are attached in places of high wear. These add-ons act against the light effects of friction and constant use.

Nike Flex Experience RN 7 Review


The injected foam provides cushioning support and impact protection to the runner’s legs. It is designed to prevent initial breakage, potentially extending the mileage of the flex experience RN7.

Like the Nike Flex design, it has a flexible property that further encourages its naming purpose: to provide a flexible and responsive ride.


And Nike’s Flex Experience Most RN 7’s higher units use a woven material that is made light and tough. It is consistent with the movement of the foot, curved together with the gait. Although it does not have prominent pores, it is still breathable.

A loose mesh is found in the rear section. It gives a soft heel twist which is highly breathable due to the presence of ventilation holes.

Collar and tongue and pad. These shoe parts hold the patty in place and prevent it from spinning or unexpectedly coming out of the foot chamber.

A soft lining surrounds the interior. It helps to provide a fun-like fit free of burns. This allows runners to wear shoes without using actual socks.

The traditional thimble lacing system locks the bottom leg and secures the fit. Shaystrings are flat, so they do not engrave quickly despite being the victim of dynamic activity.

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A synthetic sheet is printed on the nozzle and inset. This makes the cover system more durable. It’s thin, and it doesn’t add any significant weight to the product.

So either be prepared to try them in person at the store or to order half or make the whole one size better automatically. You can save time by returning them. Especially in case, you have a higher arch, forget to keep these shoes for comfort and take another shoe instead.

I said, in the beginning, I would use it as a multifunctional shoe, which might be next to running also hiking, or tiny indoor exercise. Crossfit, gym, and forth. In reality, I see the model as even more appropriate for indoor sports activities than having them outside because the shoe very often makes noises, which is even more annoying and loud when a rain shower catches you on the way. It happened to me when I tested them after the rain, and I can tell you that when it happens, you start to ask yourself this moment is profound if investing in these shoes is worth it at all. For this particular reason, it should be presented as indoor shoes instead of Nike.

It belongs to the cheap section, which is also visible in part connecting the top and midsole of the shoe. In my model, you will see some glue to prevent the shoe from falling apart how these shoes attracted to me and unfortunately. I can hardly be fascinated by them. It’s just a filler on the market, another C-quality shoe that will disappear from the world over time. In general, not like anyone’s attention at all.

Nike Experience RN 7


  • Great for indoor activities
  • Very cheap


  • Low-quality cushioning.
Price Comfort Weight Design DURABILITY
9.4/10 5.0/10 8.5/10 7.0/10 6.0/10

Size: True to size.

Terrain: Road

Weight: Men 258g / Women 198g

Drop: 6mm

Arch support: Neutral + more

The verdict from 2 experts and +100 user reviews

Six reasons to buy
  • According to several of those who have purchased it, the design of the Nike Flex Experience RN 7 looked appealing.
  • Most runners thought that this running shoe was right to size.
  • A checker claimed that it was accessible from the start and didn’t need a break-in period.
  • Many purchasers lauded its ability to be versatile for various activities, including light sprints, gym workouts, and even casual walks.
  • Many people stated that the quality of the materials looked reliable and long-lasting.
Four reasons not to buy
  • Some consumers noted that the midsole felt stiff.
  • The cushioning ability of the foam wasn’t very palpable or efficient, a few people told.
  • Several testers observed some lumps in the underfoot platform, and they caused some discomfort and awkwardness in the performance.
  • The width profiles were a bit small for a consumer; he claimed that the average width option was too tight.


Overall, the Nike Flex Experience RN 7 got mixed reviews from runners. Most of them enjoyed its appealing design and flexible nature, as well as its high-quality build and its affordable price. However, many weren’t sold on its uncomfortable underfoot platform and inconsistent width profile.

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