New Balance Mens 481v2 Running Shoe Review 2023

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Product Overview:

Smooth overlays provide structured support to these breathable mesh sneakers outfitted with a cushioned tongue and collar for a secure fit. The toothsome traction sole grips the ground for a reliable gait.

  • 75% Synthetic, 25% Mesh
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • EVA footbed
  • AT TREAD outsole
  • Mesh upper
  • Manufactured lining


  • MODEL NO: 481v2
New Balance Mens 481v2
New Balance Mens 481v2


The first impression of the New Balance 481v2 Trail Shoe is that all look solid. Stable with lightly more weight than some of their early running footwear, but only by a little these trail shoes show in at 12.6 ounces. So, they won’t precisely weigh you below, but there are more moderate models prepared.

These are intended for rough use and have an extensive heel on them, taking the strain and absorbing all the lumps and bumps in the trail as you go off the road. These are not particularly flashy or trendy designs.

It is problematic that you will be buying these trail running shoes for purposes of pure fashion. You are equally strange to start any style progress while wearing these. These are a relatively straightforward pair of trail shoes that would slip unobtrusively into any man’s wardrobe without making waves.

As for color, there are just two available – black decorated with orange and a single black. These would absolutely fit under the detector with the most relaxed clothes combinations and could be used daily, we know.

The elements are synthetic and net, and the sole is composed of an excellent solid rubber base. If your feet require an additional level of support, we think there may be a good option as they have a greater length than some other sneakers in this series.


When we set our running shoes through their paces, Best Walking Shoes try to look for any serious news that may be touching them.

But when it gets to the comfort level given by these New Balance 481v2 Trail Shoes, we have to say, and we fought in vain to find any serious concerns with the overall production of these shoes.

In short, most people advised that these were nice and comfortable to have on their heels.

Many people who have bought these trail shoes have done so for regular walking and everyday working states.

Some of them have projects that mean they are on their heels all day and require a strong pair of walking shoes, which aren’t too long and clumpy but will give a high level of support. It is also essential that footwear such as these, which may be used all day long, do not rub, rub or cause any other kind of discomfort over a long time.

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We believe that these New Balance 481v2 Trail Shoes can give just this cushioning comfort. These have shown popularity with people who do much walking on pavement over a long period.

This is great news for runners and the unexpected wearer because sometimes running shoes prefixed with the name “trail” can hardly not be the best of opportunities for a smoother surface. Happily, this is not the difficulty with those trail shoes. They are just as supportive and helpful for wearing on the cold solid pavement as they run off the hidden path.

So, these grips will not let you forward in either complex, flat, and smooth shapes or the rockier, rougher climes that you would connect with trail running.


Although those do not precisely work boots for large industries, as long as your profession does not want specialist footwear, we think these perform a perfect, all-purpose work shoe. They are both comfortable and versatile for long-term wearing and walking.

And on the running score? Well, these offer superb shoes as well.

However, these are not sold as being waterproof. This is a mishap because otherwise, these trail shoes would become the complete set.

We know that these can resist a bit of moisture and maybe slight rain, but we do not suggest wearing them in overly damp, boggy, or rainy conditions. The same runs for snow and ice, naturally.


The excellent message here is that 83 percent of people who have decided on these sizes think they are a great fit and their regular size fits just perfectly. But, unfortunately, there is a tiny but still significant number of people who are a bit too small.

In these few cases, it mainly was the width that proved to be an issue for wearers. However, amongst youth, there was a way that those trail shoes by New Balance were not as wide as the previous report of this running shoe had been.

We believe that this may only be an opportunity for those with wide feet. And because the New Balance 481v2s appear in a range of girths, most people should be accurate with their usual sizing.

If you want to size up, these quickly come in half sizes, so you won’t have to purchase shoes that will be way too long for you. These are not marketed as sufferers of various podiatry conditions; people with specific foot difficulties have found the higher than average heel to support them more strongly than flatter, lightweight models.

So, if your heels need that extra level of cushioning to prevent them from hurting, these may be the result.


Yes, of course. I highly recommend you to buy New Balance Men’s 481v2.


In summary, as hard as you are thinking on living reasonably dry, we believe that these New Balance 481v2 make an excellent all-rounder running shoe.

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