Nike In-Season TR 9 Review – Is it really comfortable?

Suppose you are about to give your wife/daughter or simply a woman runner an original present and consider running shoes. Nike In-Season TR 9 is an exciting piece of art for such an occasion. They are 100 % modifications made as women’s running shoes. I tested them for approx. Fifty miles and for around two months. Users also used them for my gym sessions and as the stretching part as well for all my main sports activities that I usually do. Honestly, I will say that they don’t just look good, but they also run well. But step by step-

Nike In-Season TR 9 Review

8.5/10 8.5/10 8.0/10 8.0/10 9.5/10


  • Unique design
  • Lightweight model
  • Good value for money


  • Slightly narrower than normal
  • Bad lacing system

Profile of the Nike In-Season TR 9

The 9th iteration of the in-season TR line is far from the predecessors in terms of style and technology.

This time around, Nike employs a dual-density renewal midsole previously used in some of the brand’s running shoes. This will make the trainer more proficient in workout sessions involving running, cardio, and light to moderate weightlifting.

Also, a notable feature is the wide gore strap at the midfoot. Placed on top of the lace, it works to keep the foot steady across the most intense lateral movements.

At the same time, this in-season trainer is one of the lightest training shoe options for women.


The In-season TR9 has no dedicated full-length outsole, which is one of the contributing factors due to the lightweight nature of the shoes. Instead, trainer targets rely on rubber pods, which add durability and grip where they are most needed.

The entire platform has a recessed tread pattern that keeps the surface flat. This helps to create a more flat ground contact to promote weight-lifting stability.


It may seem that the shoe has a very thick single unit. But in reality, the feet sit relatively close to the ground. Also, it’s the raised side panels that make the midsole feel so big. They extend upwards and create boundaries on both sides. This type of construction provides the legs during lateral movements.

The Nike Renew In Season serves as the main cushioning component of the TR9. It makes the coach a bit more friendly for short runs.

Comfort touches the end of the padding on the foot of the footbed shoe. This memory foam sock liner adjusts to individual foot sizes for extra comfort.


The whole upper of the shoe is wrapped in a breathable mesh fabric. It makes a soft coverage for the foot while ensuring the foot chamber stays aerated.

The 9th version of the in-season TR is equipped with a sized midfoot strap. It is made with an elastic gore material. It is firm when support is needed and extends with the foot when needed (for example, when shoes are being fitted). Thus, it helps to provide a more adaptive foot supply.

A soft padded tongue and collar and an extended heel top contribute to a secure lockdown. Also, they hug the ankle area to prevent the footwear from slipping.

Loveable shoes

I don’t know what I liked more about Nike’s in-season TR9. It was the design of comfortable clothing that was the user experience. But I know well that when I first saw these, I wanted to be one of the tests of these shoes. As you can guess, the main difference that you can find between Nike in-Season TR 9 and other running shoes is the uncommonly untypical band that goes over the arches. The design perspective makes the shoes very unique, with a large Nike logo written on the top. For me, it’s super cool, and I like it in my black & white version a lot.

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Their practicality

I like two small loops on the tongue and heel. You can easily slip into the Nike in-season TR9 without any problems. And then comes the band. Okay, the band is stiff enough to hold your rug well and perfectly keeps the structure of the Nike in-season TR9. During my gym session, I felt that it was time to jump on the jumping jack, burpees, or boss ball. But when I tried to fasten or unleash the shoes and close them, their practicality quickly disappeared. I have been attempting to undo the band to tighten the laces properly, but it cannot be undone or changed. It is firmly attached to the shoes on both sides.

So it would help if you did the laces below the band itself. From that point, it takes a bit longer, and as soon as you are in a hurry, this is a bit annoying. Otherwise, I like the band, as I mentioned before. Nike in/Season TR9 can be great for tennis or badminton players who need to have their feet securely placed and not moving.

Good for running or not?

So if I forget the somewhat unfortunate band, I must say that I enjoyed the Nike In-Season TR9 for much running. The Renew Midsol is much better than the Nike Renew Run that I had the opportunity to try a while ago. Although it is thought to be similar, when bent, it feels lighter and more flexible. So this Nike In / Season TR9 is fast. In my US size 6, these were about 260 grams, which is very light.

What I missed?

I like to run shoes that hold removable insoles. Unfortunately, the insoles here are sticky in the shoes, so they don’t come out. Accurate in shoe size, but they are somewhat narrow. So replacing the insoles with oneself can solve such problems. At last, after a few runs, I got the shoes inside, so no big deal. Nevertheless, I assume that this could go wrong for someone who has wide feet—my suggestion: even if the shoes are true to size, they probably go half a size up. The band and the structure are made a little narrower.


I liked the Nike In-Season TR9 quite a bit. Despite the less practical banding on the bow and the narrow profile, I struggled with at first, I found my way with these shoes. If I want to use them more than testing for this article, I happily wear them for both gyms, like walking outside. If you give them a gift to a girl, they are reasonable, and the price matches the quality. Many buyers were pleasantly surprised by the combination of comfort and style on the In-Season TR9. This female trainer from Nike feels light on the feet and yet provides enough support for rigorous practice. Adding good straps also contributes to a sure-fire experience.

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