New Balance 481 v3 Review : Mid-Cut Hiking Shoe

As a runner, when you need to choose footwear, something to take into account includes the terrain you will be running on, cushioning, comfort, performance, and stability. The idea is to avoid paying other bucks for shoes that come with features you do not need or want.

Without the best running shoes, you may well present your current hobby and resolution to keep fit earlier than you would like. There is quite a lot to a running shoe, from the soles to the toe case, saddle, heel cushioning, etc. Wearing ill-fitting running shoes is the right reason why runners battle with heel pain, muscle fatigue, stress fractures, and lower limb injuries.

Combining style with function, it’s no surprise New Balance’s men’s sneakers are so covetable. The brand’s commitment to genius craftsmanship endures, with each piece using elements such as leather. The label merges functional, suitable qualities with its signature design aesthetic to create pieces that will work for various occasions. New Balance’s reports never fail to make a statement.

Leather items are a significant investment, and it pays to care for them properly. We would regularly recommend cleaning your leather goods constantly with a smooth, dry, and non-abrasive cloth. As leather is not generally waterproof, we suggest treating it with a protector spray before wearing it for the first time and reapplying regularly. This will also push back dirt and oil to ensure the leather stays fresh for longer. Avoid exposing leather to deliver heat sources or humidity. With the proper care, leather sneakers can last for years. For sneakers that are assured of seeing you within the rest of the season, shop the selection today.

Shoe companies have produced running shoes, which accommodate runners with different foot shapes and different strides. With that said, let’s take a look at what you can expect from the New Balance Men’s 481V3 Cushioning Trail Running Shoes.

Let’s Jump Into New Balance 481 v3 Review:


Hurrah. The great news here is that 83 percent of people who have heard these on for size consider they are a great fit and their regular size fits just great.

There is a minimal but still significant number of people for whom these were a bit too small.

In these few cases, it mainly was the width that proved to be an issue for wearers. There was a view, among the minority, that these trail shoes by New Balance were not as wide as the previous version of this running shoe had been.

We think that this may be an option for those with vast feet. Also, because the New Balance 481v2s come in a range of widths, most people should be fine with their usual sizing.

If you should want to size up, these handily come in half sizes, so you won’t have to buy shoes that will be way too big for you.

Although these are not marketed for sufferers of various podiatry conditions. People with specific foot problems have found the more significant than average heel to support them better than some flatter—lightweight models.

So, if your feet want that extra level of cushioning to stop them from hurting, these may be the answer.

2. Comfort

These sneakers are equipped with a CUSH+ foam compound. It aids runners who seek great comfort with improved stability. Even though you don’t run, you will enjoy weight training without experiencing muscle aches. That’s a key factor that works in favor of these high-quality sneakers.

3. What do New Balance numbers mean?

Shoes that end with lower numbers (40, 50 & 60) deliver the highest stability. Numbers in the middle (70 & 80) are designed for light stability or neutral runners, and the highest numbers (90 & 00) are your competition and most lightweight models.

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4. What replaced New Balance 1260?

The New Balance Rubix running shoe for men is an entirely new pronation running shoe replacing the classic New Balance 1260. The top of the range for the runner who needs some support and stability.

5. Support

These cross-training shoes provide ample support to prevent injuries and improve comfort levels. You get impressive traction on off-road trails. You won’t slip if running on hilly terrain because the outsole will maintain the necessary grip.

6. Did New Balance discontinue 1260?

Version 7 of the favorite sneaker for moderate overpronators will be the last of its series, replaced by the Rubix and Vongo, which has a more prominent, more muscular arch.

7. Stability

New Balance shoes are famous for offering incredible support for better stability. Try these shoes for gym exercises. Pick any core body workout or weight-bearing exercise. You will experience better balance than ordinary running shoes. That’s why many bodybuilding pros use these shoes for better performance and better gains.

8. Is New Balance better than Asics?

Though, New Balance managed to edge a win next Asics by featuring minimalist models with barely some padding along the bottom. Due to their various constructions, various people discovered that Asics tend to last longer on complex surfaces than New Balance. Still, New Balance tends to be more comfortable overall.

9. Value for money

Being reasonably priced shoes, New Balance 481v3 sneakers have lured thousands of buyers. Check the ratings, and you will believe in shoe quality and performance. Being a trusted US brand, New Balance assures a satisfying service for years! Unlike ordinary cross trainers, 481v3 sneakers deliver better comfort without compromising the build quality.


Hundreds of brands provide sneakers for cross-training. Only a few have managed to deliver footwear that pleases users. New Balance is one of those brands, and we have picked the best sneakers from this brand to make your search easier. Buy the 481v3 to enjoy trail running along with in-house workouts and gym exercises.

FAQs For New Balance 481 v3 Review In 2023

What is the best shoe for standing and walking all day?

We recommend the Nike ZoomX Invincible RunNike’s lightweight ZoomX foam is molded into a highly high-volume midsole for maximum comfort. The midsole is also very wide through the heel and forefoot, so the softness doesn’t come at the cost of stability.

Is New Balance better than Nike?

The most significant difference between Nike & New Balance is that New Balance offers a firm but cushioned ride. Nike is excellent for shorter distances as they are not designed for stability. In comparison, the softening of New Balance is significantly better than Nike.

So what is the difference between New Balance 860 and 1260?

The 1260 V7 is a plusher version of the 860, using a higher grade of upper and sole materials. As the ‘bigger brother,’ 1260 is meant to be more supportive than the 860. … The new 1260V7 is completely redesigned from the sole up. Besides a brand new upper, the midsole gets a ‘Fuel Cell’ insert and redesigned outsole.

Which New Balance shoes have the best arch support?

Best for High Arches: New Balance Women’s 1080v10 V4 Fresh Foam Running Shoes. Its 1080 Fresh Foam running shoes have only the right amount of comfort and cushioning wanted by those with high arches.

Why is New Balance 992 Expensive?

The shoe details “with premium full-grain pebbled leather and a unique metal N logo for a modern touch. “ It does look like excellent quality and is made in the US, which is why it’s so much. Plus, Made in the USA craftsmanship means you’ll trust the quality and wear it with pride.

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