Red Wing Moc Toe Boot Review In 2023

If you’re looking for a pair of Red Wing shoes, then this blog post is for you! We know that red wings are one of the most popular brands in the world. They have been around since 1905 and have taken off in recent years. Red Wing Shoes are known as “The Working Man’s Shoe.” The brand has always had great ties to America’s working class, and they still carry that heritage with them today.

This blog post will review two Red Wing boots: a 1907 model and an 875 model. We will go over some key differences between these models so that you can make a more informed choice when purchasing your next pair of Red Wings or any other type of shoe from Red Wing Shoes Company!

Red Wing’s Moc Toes are everywhere and worn by completely everybody and justly so. It’s no simple trick to change a boot with actual work right into something that’s considered to be not just acceptable from a style or “lifestyle” standpoint but more legitimately desired. Lauded. Red Wing Moc Toes uproot that off as well as some boots. The expression is timeless, the kind doubtless, the aging remarkable.

Red Wing Moc-toe Boot Review:


Red Wing Moc Toe Boot Review
Red Wing Moc-toe Boot

1. Red Wing Moc Toe 875 fit

The other boots owned by Red Wing have taken good care of my feet, so I couldn’t wait to see anything less than a mock toe. I’m not disappointed. Once these are broken, they will be reduced to what looks like a second-skin fit. Other boots like the Iron Rangers show their presence even after many years of wearing them. But, on the other hand, it becomes like an enlargement of the limbs.

2. Build

Red Wings are understood for being hand-made best here in Minnesota. Once you acquire them, you’ll learn A) the craftsmanship is a great point, and B) The craftsmanship itself is used thoughtfully. If you’re up for facing the cold weather, you can also tour the Red Wing boot factory in Red Wing, MN.

Outsole of red wing moc toe boot
Outsole of red wing moc toe boot

3. Outsole

There’s not very to be said about Red Wing’s white Traction Tred wedge sole that hasn’t been run off considerably already. Still, I’m an expert boot reviewer, so here we go: it’s an icon, it’s lightweight, it does pretty significantly everything you need it to, and it’s us for this boot. I’ve seen any resoles of Red Wing Moc Toes that throw on a piled heel:

Do I believe any of those shoes is the incorrect thing to do? No. The shoes are my own! Do with them whatever gets you happy. But in my soul, the white wedge sole is the one this boot is expected to have, regularly and forever. It only works.

4. Leather and Care

I recently got a lot of respect in my strong heart for Red Wing’s Briar Oil Slick leather. I had it on my combination of Red Wing Classic Chukkas, which I regretted. It could never get to suit me quite right (although looking back, a tongue pad to put my foot shoved back. My toes gone from the tapered toe box may have resolved my problems). My brother-in-law is soon the proud owner of those boots, and his satisfaction is more valuable to me than anything! Or something like that.

When I considered which Red Wing Moc Toes to go with, I had to put the vital idea into the 875s in Red Wing’s iconic Oro Legacy leather. The Rough & Toughs (Concrete, Charcoal, Copper) held a ton of appeal. But I needed to get back what I had to present with the chukkas. Also, I couldn’t be better.

The Briar Oil Slick is quiet in the quick stages of what it can become. I worked those chukkas hard before finally admitting they only didn’t fit how I needed them to. I’m already thrilled with it. It’s got a great hand feel and gets richer and richer in appearance the more you wear them. The sizable visible grain, especially on the boots’ quarter, is pretty transfixing and sets it apart from other Red Wing leathers.

While it’s certainly not an ignored leather, even the Oro Legacy from the 875s has earned its top spot. I feel it’s undervalued—one of the best overall Red Wing leathers. And like many Red Wing types of leather, it looks near impossible to start this one beyond any tangible point where it begins to look WORSE because of the wear. It just marinades and gets more and more delicious.

On that, care has been relatively minimal to date it only hasn’t been required. Of course, while they get dirty or dusty, I’ll wipe them down with a damp paper towel. But so far, I’ve just employed one relatively ungenerous treatment of Armstrong’s All Natural Leather conditioner for around four months, which helped soften them up slightly. Restore some skillful sheen. It also darkened them just a touch, but in a system that I prefer. If I was declining them 3-4 times a week, I imagine I’d finish up giving them Armstrong’s spa day every 3 months. With my popular rotation, every six months seems like it’ll do the trick.

6. Breaking In

This is a point of discussion for current and considered Red Wing boot owners. Any lifelong Red Wing-ers insist the division in period isn’t that wrong. Some insist on wasting them in the rain to get them broken incorrectly. There is just one way to experience what the breaking-in process will be like, and that’s to go and try a pair on for yourself.

If you’re lucky enough to live close to a Red Wing boot dealer, go in and try on a pair. Walk around in them. Know what to expect when you get your first — or another — team. You can believe this, though; once you break into your Red Wing 1907, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing these boots.

7. Looks

I’m going to come to correct and say it: I’m two minds about these boots regarding how they look. One reason says: they look amazing sitting on my shoe rack. They look amazing in photos. They look amazing on different people I see wearing them on the roads. They’re an icon for a cause and display a new, perfect plan. The other mind says that now that I’m wearing these boots and looking down at them, they look .different from what I expected.

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Now, this could be for plenty of reasons. Despite working the streets for five months, the boots aren’t necessarily worn yet in a true sense; Red Wing magic takes any marination. That famous toe is the role of that irks me at times—it’s very structured, and I wish it would only give up a bit of its pride and sag and drape and be less rigid about the idea it’s living its life. Also (and we’ll take into this in the next section), I believe these suit me about a half to full size, significantly related to my two cherished pairs of Iron Rangers. That presents the boot extending out proportionally than I’m used to and linked with that reinforced toe. I can’t entirely fall totally in love.

While your shoes look overhead without question, it’s not everything. You’re the just one who sees them from that angle (yes, you’re the most important, don’t worry). But also, they’re not regular. And if you don’t waste considerable time all week only gazing at your tranquil unworn shoes to admire their excellence, as I tend to, then I’m genuinely not sure if this is the correct shoe-addict site for you. From that angle, they deliver everything I considered they would. And with time, I imagine Ben’s-eye-view will improve too.

8. Red Wing Moc Toe 875 sizing

As asserted on their website, Red Wing boots are less than the average boot in size. Therefore, you will want to go down half a capacity or more when buying your Mac Toe.

My feet measure 8.5 on a Brannock device, but a US8D Mac Toe was my perfect fit. I wear US8.5/ UK7.5/ EUR42 / 26.5cm Flyknit Nike sneakers to give you an idea.

Red Wing Moc Toe is available in two widths for each size: D for medium width and EE for guys with a broader foot. In general, D width fits a bit too snug at the beginning, but it molds to your feet after breaking them in. On the other hand, EE tends to loosen after their break, but wearing a thick sock quickly fixes it.

Red Wing Moc Toe vs Iron Ranger Sizing:

There are different Red Wing boots for a reason! Red Wings have many different styles to choose from, and they all fit differently. If you’re unfamiliar with Red Wing sizing, these numbers can seem overwhelming. The best way to compare them is by breaking them down into individual categories. Red Wings come in many different widths, lengths & heights. Red Wing Moc-toe Boots is a “mid” height boot, while the Red Wing Iron Ranger is an ankle or mid-calf height with three shaft styles (Standard, Western, and Eastern).

The main difference between Red Wing 1907 vs Red Wing 1875:

Red Wing 1907s are “made for the working man,” and Red Wings 1875s is more of a fashion boot. The Red Wing Moc-toe Boot is made with Redwing’s signature double stitching, providing superior water resistance, which makes them excellent for those who work in wet environments like construction sites or fishing boats.

Difference between red wing 1907 vs 875

Red Wing Moc-toe Boots are boots that Red Wing typically produces. Their styles and colorways can vary from one model to the next, but they’re always well-made with quality leather for their construction.

1907 is a top seller in the Red Wings lineup of shoes, providing both style and comfort as it’s best fit for activities that include walking, hiking, and light work.

The Red Wing Moc-toe Boot is an excellent choice for those looking for a stylish boot that will provide comfort in any situation. This shoe includes durable construction and cushioning to the heel and toe area with its leather Wolverine footbeds.

Conclusion And Red Wing’s last comparison:

The Red Wing Moc-toe boot is a style that was first introduced in the 1920s. We all know that red wing has been making boots for over a hundred years and has learned what it takes to make them last, which means their styles are made with thick leather that will wear well. The Red Wings I reviewed were from 1964, so they had experienced decades of wear and tear. Red Wing Moc-toe boots are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn because Red Wing has designed them with thick, soft leather that molds to your foot over time.

FAQs For Red Wing Moc Toe Boot Review In 2023

Are Sare Red Wing Moc Toe Boots comfortable?

I’ve worn the red wing moc toe for years. It is a very comfortable boot once broken. Red Wing is always quality every time.

What are moc toe boots good for?

Rubber moc boots are regularly used in a production site or the great outdoors. The main intention here is to preserve your toe from getting injured. When that issues, you may want to be seated in a wheelchair for a few days.

Why are moc toe boots so popular?

Light in weight, flexible, soft, and so comfortable, it is simple to see why the Native American adapted so well to his environment. Sometimes, the moc toe boots come with a proposed seam on the top. This seam goes near the toe box area. Any of the famous Red Wing Boots come with this design.

Are Red Wing boots worth the money?

Overall, through my nearly ten years of ownership of Red Wing boots, I have found that they deserve this. These boots are worth the purchase due to their point construction, stability, and versatility to be worn with various things throughout the year.

How long should Red Wing boots last?

I’ve heard Red Wings are good for five resoles. But that could be five years or 25 years, depending on if you need to resolve once a year or every five years! Also, winter can be harsh if they don’t have days off to dry completely, not even counting road salt if you live in a city.

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