How to Shrink Boots and Cowboy Boots? 7 Hack For you

Leather boots are the best property you can do for your shoe collecting. Leather is a fashionable material that nevermore goes out of style and is vital as well.

There is nothing more excellent than the excitement of wearing your new pair of premium quality leather boots for the first time and explaining them off through your friends. At the same time, there is nothing worse than apprehending that the shoes you have bought are slightly oversized to your feet.

Possibly, you ordered the boots online or did not take the opportunity to try them on at the shop, which is why you’ve finished up with the wrong size. Whatever the cause may be, the fact of the thing is that the boots will not fit you accurately. If you think of wearing them for a long time, you will observe that they are very uncomfortable. Check out Best Warmest Hunting Boots In 2022.

Why You Should Wear Boots That Fit?

The most apparent reason you should wear perfectly fitting boots is that they will be more suitable. Buying boots online is becoming frequently popular now. You should only purchase boots online if you are accustomed to the brand and the fashion of the shoes you want to be confident that the size will fit you.

Wearing the proper fitting boots is very significant. After all, these shoes are more than simply protecting your feet. They do not just offer to cushion your feet, but the accurate size also helps maintain your feet as others touch the ground. As an outcome, you will be able to walk with comfort.

Work boots are typically built of leather. They are created to protect your feet from damage in complex work environments. Wearing the wrong size for the long term can mess with your capacity to balance yourself and lead to many foot and joint injustices.

If you continue to wear the incorrect-sized shoes, it can even worsen your current health status. There is no disbelief that you want to find shoes that fit well and aid you in maintaining a proper stance. A significant aspect is essential for your overall fitness.

What to do if Your Boots are too Big?

The first information we suggest, and probably the first thing you will think of, is to get a replacement to get the correct size. If the seller is entertaining enough to produce you with an option in the right size, that is the perfect solution. Then again, there is the unique opportunity that a replacement is not an alternative. What if the seller does not receive applications like this?

Remaining stuck with the wrong-sized boots can be unbearable. After all, leather boots are expensive. Should you deposit the shoes or communicate them to someone else whom they will fit more enjoyable? We answer. We do neither.

The excellence of leather boots is that if the size is slightly larger than the perfect fit, you can shrink them to the whole dimension.

No Reason to Despair

Blenching your leather boots may look like a bit of an odd concept, but it is probable, and you can get them down to the size you want. Some elements can adjust naturally, creating objects made applying the material slightly smaller. Leather is one of those simple materials that can be obtained. While the weight of your boots will continue the same, you can secure them pitifuller and a bit tighter so that everybody can fit you.

How to Shrink Leather Boots?

One of the most extraordinary ideas about leather being a natural element is that external situations can affect it, much like cloth denim. You can apply external agents like excessive temperatures or mild stretching to develop leather.

There are various ways you can do so with slightly more oversized shoes so that they fit better. You can shrink them just completely to execute them and hold your feet in a snug fit.

Ideally, people try not to show their leather boots to enormous temperatures because susceptibility to extreme heat can culminate in leather. Leather contracts due to warmth, but it also grows fragile and springs to wrinkle and perfect cracks.

Applying extreme heat is not an alternative because it can also soften the adhesive in the bindings of the shoe, ending its architectural honesty. Happily, there is a way to use heat to incur your leather shoes without causing injury.

Things You Will Need :

  • Leather Boots
  • Lukewarm Water
  • Well-Fitting Socks
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Hair Dryer
  • Much Perseverance

Before we go started with the step-by-step guidance, it is necessary to indicate that you should not utilize extreme heat. No space heaters, direct sunshine, or heat guns. Your hairdryer, at the lowest distance, will take.

Step 1: Fill up a bucket

The first measure is to get a bucket and fill it up with warm water. The bucket should be tall and quiet so that the entire boots can fit in there. A big bucket or even your bathtub can do. Add a tiny bit of cleaning alcohol to the water to advance up this drying method.

Step2: Submerge the boots

The next level is to engulf your boots in the warm water. Yes, we understand that water losses leather, but this is the most reliable way to show your shoes to a consistently great temperature.

Step 3: Let them soak

Allow your boots to dry in the tepid water for at least an hour. This will make sure that the shoes can absorb the warm water and become saturated ultimately.

Step 4: Soak your socks

Take the best-fitting pair of socks you own and leave them in chilly water to soak thoroughly.

Step 5: Put them on

The socks will not get very large to soak up the warm water once you have passed the boots to soak in warm water for an hour. Pull-on the wet socks on your feet and then put the wet shoes on over that. This will not be particularly pleasant, and you might have to struggle with putting them on, but it is not impossible.

Step 6: Let them dry out

This is where the hairdryer and much Patience come in. You need to wear wet shoes and socks until they dehydrate out. It can use up a substantial portion of the day. You have already computed rubbing alcohol to the water to speed up the drying process. Utilizing the hairdryer at the lowest heat and at least 6 inches away with constant movement, you can get additional speed up the drying method.

Step 7: Apply conditioner

After the shoes dry out perfectly, you should get them off and then use a leather conditioner. This will restore any cover injury created by shrinking and by the water. Allow the conditioner to exhaust usually.

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Things to Note

  • As the leather evaporates, the leather shrinks due to the lukewarm water. Using the boots on your feet while the leather wipes allow the shrinking leather to scheme to the appearance of your footing.
  • Recognize that wet socks are necessary because they will guard your feet from shrinking leather.
  • Keeping your feet moist for lengthened times can degrade your skin. Be sure to exclude the boots as soon as the socks are dry and apply the hairdryer to expedite up the drying system.
  • Utilize the hairdryer in continuous changing at a 6-inch distance from your shoes, which supports the shoes dry faster outwardly, harming this leather.

Alternative Methods to Fit into Larger Leather Boots

Shrinking your shoes to get them to conform to the shape of your foot is possibly the perfect way to present them as a more comfortable fit for your feet. We understand that many people might not be comfortable using a method to have their feet anti-prohibitionist for hours as the inedible leather stretches around their feet.

It is necessary to be careful and follow the guidance correctly to shrink the boots to the right fit. There are other methods to make your shoes fit you better, and they do not require drying the leather either.

Sewing an Elastic Band on the Boot Heel

This is a candid way to make your leather boots fit your feet better. Ideally, it serves well if you have boots created of thin leather. You should apply this system if you are handy with a needle and yarn. It would help if you only did the work:

  • Leather shoes made of thin leather
  • Curved piecing pin and thick yarn
  • A small patch of the flexible band
  • Protection pins
  • A pair of shears

Step 1: Find a thick elastic band

Get a thick stretchy band that can create a variety when you insert it into the shoe’s heel counter (the rear interior sector your heel holds in the boot). You can buy one of these simply from a handicraft store.

Step 2: Cut the elastic band

After cutting a sector of the stretchy and attaching it inside the shoe’s heel board, you are required to cut out a band piece you can fit in yonder. Manage the patch a tiny longer than you will oblige. This makes the method of basting more comfortable.

Step 3: Anchor elastic band in place

When you have the sticker piece of the elastic band, please enter it into the spur counter where you will want it. Apply a pair of fasteners to hold the stretchy band to arrange it with the wedgie area.

Step 4: Stitch it up

Applying a thick thread and arched leatherworking pin, sew the piece with the boots. The arched needle is fitting because it makes it easier to penetrate the leather and stitch the mend.

Step 5: Cut the extra elastic and remove the pins

Once the flexible band is connected to the heel counter, exclude the pins you included in the adjustable band in place and cut out the excess springy band from the stitching sides.

Wearing Inserts

If you do not choose to get your feet wet and you do not have a skill for the art of stitching, there is but a rescuing mercy for your favorite couple of boots that won’t fit your feet. You can try using supplements.

When the size of the shoes is slightly larger, utilizing inserts is a shallow way to get them fit. Custom orthotics are the best additions that can fit into the shoe, fill up more space, and produce you with the supportive fit you require.

Buy a compact shoe insertion related to the shoe you have and insert it over the inside sole now in there. Seldom is all you want to take to create your slightly larger boots that fit your feet great.

Final Thoughts

When purchasing a pair of shoes, it gives off a respectable amount of study. It is more comfortable to go to a physical shoe shop to buy your boots since you can try several sizes. Purchasing leather boots online pretends to be a problem since you cannot try various sizes before ordering them. Adding a different step to your research can reduce that difficulty.

Make sure that you see online articles of people who already utilize those shoes. Be on the prospect for anything linked to whether the size runs true with regular shoes. If the size runs too little or too large, you might be better off buying a size larger or shorter, based on the reviews.

Remember to read the instructions before you watch them, plus accompany them into the letter. With this system, you can be assured that your brand-new boots will have an excellent fit.


Loose boots are not only a big problem, but also they can be pretty dangerous. It is best to pay attention to this difficulty before disaster strikes. Shoes look best when they fit great and provide the wearer more confidence in their stride. No person can ever relax after putting on loose shoes. Therefore, it is best to try out some of the tips above and enjoy the best shoe fitting privileges.

FAQs For How to Shrink Boots

Can boots be resized?

If the boots are a bit too snug, a cobbler can stretch them out a bit. This is quick, cheap, and easy. If they are too big, some places can release them and make them smaller, but I would rarely suggest this. If the boots are way too big, admit failure and try again.

Is it OK to wear boots a size too big?

The Health Consequences of the Wrong Boot Size

“If you wear a shoe that’s over big, your foot won’t curvature at the shoe’s split point where it’s expected to and the arch supporter can be in the incorrect place. That can cause infection, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis.”

Should boots fit tight or loose?

Since several boot styles are more comprehensive than regular shoes, they must fit snuggly along the bottom of your foot[1]. And this should go except saying, but boots should never be so tight that they make your toes feel cramped or uncomfortable.

What can I do if my boots are too big?
  1. FILL WATER BUCKET. Fill a large vessel with lukewarm water.
  2. SUBMERGE BOOTS. Completely submerge the boots in water.
  3. ALLOW SHOES TO ABSORB. Leave the boots in the water for roughly one hour to ensure that they are fully saturated.
Can you shrink boots half a size?

Depending on how much you need to shrink your boots, you can spatter particular areas softly or heavily. Then, apply a blow dryer on moderate heat and hold it six to nine inches away to shrink the leather. Try on the boots to understand how they fit. If either boot is still too loose, spray and dry the shoes again in the same way.

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