What Colour Shoes To Wear With a Yellow Dress? Buying Guide!

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If you haven’t tried, yellow is the original trending color of 2021! With its fun, sunny temperament, it’s no surprise that fashionistas this season are turning yellow.

And if you’re wondering what color shoes to wear with a yellow dress or outfit and what purse you should style right onward with it, you’ve come to the best place!

And if you’re watching for yellow dresses, I would endorse shopping at Nordstrom, which has a staggering selection of different fashions, fabrics & reward points. If you’re caring for edgier or high style, Net-a-Porter has an unbelievable selection as well!

Yellow dresses are lovely, bold, and elegant, creating an excellent option for anyone to wear to a special event. When wearing such a bright, bold color like yellow, finding the best color shoes to suit your yellow dress is challenging.

With all the colors, fashions, and elements of shoes to wear today, it can sometimes be hard to tell what shoes to wear with which outfit, especially if you’re a lady. Bright, eye-catching colors, especially, need a bit of added care when choosing shoes to wear with them, as you don’t need to detract from the excellence of the dress itself! Yellow dresses are one such matter.

This lead will teach you all nearly what color shoes to wear with a yellow dress. At the finish of this article. You’ll know a bit also about color theory, how to choose the best colors to match your dress. Other fashion tips that might assist you in selecting your matching shoes.

What Colour Shoes To Wear With a Yellow Dress?

1.Yellow dress with Black & White Shoes

If you’ve read any of my different dress & shoe color recommendations, you’ll understand that I like good black & white shoes matched with a solid colored outfit. Black & white shoes provide a surprisingly pure twist to a yellow business of dress. As you can see, the combo works great for casual as well as elegant looks.

Bag styling recommendation: This one’s easy – either black or white. Are you feeling la-di-da? Go for a hot pink bag with lemon-lime yellows.

2.Brown heels with a yellow dress

In one place here, we suggest you try giving sandals, brown heels, or boots for casual wear. If you match it with a belt or purse, it looks perfect and well connected. These looks are a bit more bohemian and brief; Therefore, you should check out Brown Heels if you are moving towards that look.

The incredible thing about these heels (sandals or boots, too) is that they’ll show more extra of your personality. You’ll also be capable of choosing what shade of brown you fancy. These shoes are also very versatile as you can wear them with different outfits, not only your yellow dress. Nevertheless, they create a perfect joining to a yellow dress outfit.

3.Yellow Dress with White Shoes

I like good white or off-white shoes with some yellow dresses, especially for the Spring/Summer period. A white flat or sneaker provides your look and casual feel, while a white stiletto sandal or pump will make a face lighter, whether for night or day wear.

Handbag styling recommendation: A black or brown purse would watch great with this yellow-dress-black-shoe amalgamation.

4.Nude heels with a yellow dress

Nude heels with a yellow dress are a casual and straightforward option. It will bring thought to your clothing while still raising you and providing your outfit with an exquisite, direct look. As you can view in the photos below, nude heels watch great on anyone and with casual yellow dresses or more decorous yellow dresses.

It’s a plus that nude heels are usually in every woman’s closet because it’s a great staple like our wardrobe. It a straightforward method option that does not rush to shop from your store; these are great choices. Try these with your yellow dress and see how you feel.5.Yellow Dress with Metallic Shoes

Whether gold, bronze, silver, or pewter, metallic shoes never fail to let down with some look. Yellow outfits added! My face metallic shade shoes with yellow dresses are silver, but the other hues look fab. It’s a part of a personal decision here.

Bag styling recommendation: Black or white with silver or pewter shoes, while I’d opt for beige or white while pairing your handbag with gold shoes.

6.Yellow Shoes With A Yellow Dress

It may seem straightforward, but that’s okay. A ray of sunlight on your body means your feet well deserved their ray of sunshine, also. Hereabouts, casual sneakers in lemon yellow bring a full of fun look to the twirly yellow dress. You can be womanlike and practical in one fell fall.

7.Red Shoes With A Yellow Dress

Vavavoom is the word while you pair tasty red with appealing yellow. Sexy records are your thing, so why not grasp the pair of red shoes you’ve had your eye on to go with the pure yellow dress? Together they’re fun, they’re active, and they’re fashion-forward.

A sudden lemon yellow dress and a pair of candy-apple copyright stilettos are excellent choices to show off that new lipstick you’ve needed to try.

This red obvious peep-toe stiletto from Chinese Laundry is a straight-up sex request. Matched with your yellow dress, you’ll be unstoppable. 

Pull out your pin-up girl fashion with these flirty polka-dotted vintage shoes! A peek of red toenail shine and a strand of large chunky red beads complete this look.

8.Blush/Beige Shoes with a Yellow Dress

When in doubt, a beige, nude, or any shade that matches your skin is a great way to let your yellow dress remain the focus of your look. I find that beige tones also look great, contrasting darker complexions, no matter the dress color. 

Louboutin’s Pigalle Follies pump is also excellent & comes in different shades of nude. Are you watching for a less expensive alternative? Try Sam Edelman’s perfectly minimal Patti Strappy Sandal.

Purse styling recommendation: white, beige, or brown would look great, letting your yellow number shine bright without any distractions.

9.Brightly colored heels with a yellow dress

Last but not least, you can match your yellow dress with brightly colored heels to create a fun and exciting contrast with your outfit. This combination is definitely for the adventurous, which should make their attire very fun and unique.

So if that sounds like you, try joining another pop of color to your yellow dress outfit by running for a pair of bright pink, bright purple, or also bright blue shoes. You can also join that color to your eyeshadow or makeup to stress your outfit’s color palette. Remember to have played with this, a yellow dress can be a fabulous and fancy outfit, without a pair of bright shoes can create this outfit fun and another.

10.Silver Shoes With A Yellow Dress

Metallics genuinely go with everything; therefore, why not give silver a try with your yellow dress. Hereabouts, a strappy summer sandal in silver pairs excellently with a smooth cotton yellow sundress. It’s a delicate shimmer that reflects the beautiful light of a yellow dress.

These shimmery sandals by Santana are an excellent option with your yellow season dress. They have a one-inch heel and fantastic rhinestone listing.

Tips on What Colour Shoes to Wear with a Yellow Dress

  • The solution depends on what kind of yellow you’re wearing because there’s so much and to the color than quickly “yellow.”
  • Are you wearing mustard? Dandelion? Honey?
  • Canary, gold, or butter?
  • The best color of shoes for your outfit will vary based on the shade of yellow you choose.
  • If you’re wearing a rich, saturated shade of yellow, like gold, you can’t go wrong with black shoes.


In the end, yellow is a versatile, if challenging, color to style, especially in dresses. However, as long as you keep the mood of the dress in mind and trust your gut, you won’t have any trouble styling this eye-catching color.

FAQs For What Colour Shoes To Wear With A Yellow Dress In 2021

Which Colour goes with a yellow dress?

So while you match colors, contest yellow. This is warmer to warmer colors like reds, oranges, even match yellow, more surprising to more great colors like blues and green. Black goes with all shades of yellow. Yellow and grey are an artistic combination. The grey is worked to balance the illumination of yellow.

Should shoes be lighter or more profound than a dress?

The better rule of thumb is that your shoes should be dark or darker than your hem color. (“Hem” is the color of your skirt, dress, or pants.). Even when wearing an all-white outfit, the better choice is metallic, light pewter, or light gold shoes.

What jewelry do you wear with a yellow dress?

You can also combine yellow with grey, burgundy, pale blue, purple, navy blue and browns, etc. Pearls Jewelry– If you are going to any party and wearing a yellow gown or short dress, you can wear a pearl one-liner neckpiece with that. It would help to enhance your whole look as well as style.

What jewelry goes with a yellow dress?

Multiple colors of earrings compliment mustard yellow dresses. You can go for statement pieces in neutral color shades such as black, ivory, beige or white, etc. Blue also creates a dazzling look; significantly darker shades of blue go well with mustard yellow.

What colors can go with yellow?

Complementary Colors

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