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how to clean white mesh shoes? 2023

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Don’t white mesh shoes look wondrous when you try them on in the store? Unluckily, it seems like they get stained the time you wear them out of the home.

Lightweight mesh shoes are both stylish and functional. Mesh is breathable and holds your foot cool. Plus, the element gives you feel like you’re wearing a sock. Aesthetically, the white mesh is crisp and clean. That is until you use them; if you’ve ever been amazed how to clean white mesh shoes, good luck to you.

This tutorial gives you the proper steps to make your footwear look new back. Because white mesh shoes are also absorptive than leather, they can be hard to clean. Plus, you’re not thought to put running shoes in the dryer. So whatever are you supposed to do to eliminate scuffs and banish odors?

Watch the steps below to make your white mesh shoes see well externally, limiting their lifespan.

how to clean white mesh shoes?


If your sneakers have picked up grime and dust while on the road or the trail, you can try cleaning them without soaking them. 

This technique won’t work for liquid blurs, such as ketchup or coffee. Still, it might freshen them up instantly between uses if they have just picked up some environmental remainder.

  1. Apply a soft toothbrush.
  2. Gently brush at the areas that look stained.
  3. End the session by lightly touching the entire sneaker.

You don’t want to wash so hard that you make the element fray. Therefore, use a soft brush and a soft touch. You should use this step to remove loose dust particles before washing your shoes with anything else.

how to clean white mesh shoes


If you have more stubborn blur on your sneakers, you can try sinking your white mesh shoes in a bucket full of foamy water.

  1. Eliminate the laces.
  2. Eliminate the insoles if they come out.
  3. Mix a small amount of laundry cleanser and oxygen bleach with hot water in a pot or sink.
  4. Sink the shoes in the water, swishing them nearby.
  5. Give the shoes soak for five minutes.
  6. Use a smooth brush to gently scrub at the dirt that has unkempt during the soaking.
  7. Rinse the shoes under cold water till all of the soap arrives out.


Dish soap is designed to cut within grease and dirt. Therefore, it might work well for eliminating stains from white mesh shoes.

  1. Make a paste using some drops of dish soap and a few tablespoons of water.
  2. Swirl the pasta around till it’s foamy and no color residue from the soap leftover.
  3. Dive a toothbrush into the paste.
  4. Rub the shoe gently with the soapy brush.
  5. Rinse with cool water.


Following Spruce, vinegar is an effective natural alternative to harsh cleaning solutions for removing stains. You’ll want distilled white vinegar, a spray bottle, and a smooth brush for this process.

  1. Saturate the spot by spraying it with vinegar.
  2. Scrub lightly using the brush.
  3. Could you give it in the sun for an hour or two?
  4. If the color doesn’t come out with this process, you can add baking soda to the mix applying the following steps:
  5. Spray the shoe with vinegar repeatedly.
  6. While the vinegar is dank, sprinkle baking soda onto it.
  7. Scrub the stain by using a soft brush.
  8. Rinse with cool water.


You can use shaving cream to attain rid of oily stains. The key is to make assured that you use the white foam kind. Gels won’t work. Besides, ensure that the shaving green doesn’t have a colored tint to it, or it may spot your shoes.

To use this process, follow the steps below:

  1. Dab a tiny amount of white foam shaving cream onto the blur.
  2. Gently rub the shaving cream into the sneaker usage a washcloth or soft brush.
  3. Remain 30 minutes.
  4. Scrub the stain gently with a damp washcloth or toothbrush.
  5. If the color doesn’t come out, let it sit for the shaving cream on it overnight.
  6. Scrub and wash the area with a wet washcloth or toothbrush again.


Some companies make sneaker cleaner that’s designed for use on white mesh sneakers.

Reshoevn8r is one such product. Pair it with a soft bristle brush, and let the meeting do the work. This product can even be used on the soles of the shoes.


You can use bleach to wash your white mesh shoes in the washing machine, but there’s not much chemistry to back it up. Bleach can harm the delicate fabric.

If you have a stubborn stain that won’t come out using the other systems that we’ve listed here, you can try using bleach at your own risk.

  1. Use ¼ cup of bleach and a little washer cycle.
  2. Try adding a few towels to the load.
  3. Ignore the noise that results from your shoes banging around in the washer.


No matter how you wash your shoes, you don’t want to dry them in the electric dryer. Follow the instructions below for drying your sneakers:

  1. Stuff them with dry paper towels. (Some experts recommend using newspaper, but this can leave ink smears on your shoes).
  2. Air-dry the sneakers overnight.
  3. Pull out the towels and allow the sneakers to dry completely.

Drying your shoes in bright sunlight can eliminate the bacteria that cause odors. The Sunlight Institute says that the sun is the best sanitizer available. Even if you haven’t just washed your shoes, you could try leaving them out in the sun to prevent them from getting stinky. The sunlight might bleach those tough stains, too, leaving your shoes bright and fresh-looking.


Don’t forget to clean the exterior of the soles of your white mesh shoes. If you don’t, you might end up transferring the dirt from that area to the fabric. The ground on the sole will also be more noticeable when the rest of the shoe is clean.

You can scrub the sole with soapy water and a brush with firmer bristles than the brush that you’ve been using on the upper. If stains are stubborn, wipe them with a magic eraser and water.

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It’s best to start with the most gentle technique and work up to the more in-depth options when you’re cleaning your mesh sneakers. Dry brushing and spot cleaning are preferable to using bleach.

However, you can try using more vital chemicals if your shoes have stains that bother you. You might want to do a spot test when you’re using a new cleaner on your shoes to ensure that it doesn’t damage or discolor them.

Next time you buy new shoes (or once you have gotten your old ones back to their original splendor), you might want to protect them using a product such as Scotchguard.

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