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Brooks Ghost 12 vs 13 Comparison Shoe Review 2023

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The neutral Brooks Ghost shooting shoe was crafted with athletes’ enjoyment in mind. It gives an amazingly balanced, flexible cushion that cases your foot so cozily you’ll feel like you’re running on films.

A mixture of the BioMoGo DNA—Brooks’ environmentally friendly midsole cushioning foam—and DNA LOFT cushioning technology achieves this pleasing outcome.

When matched with the Segmented Crash Pad (the Ghost’s integrated shock conversion system), this helps produce the sleekest ride attainable. This is decisive, as the mediocre person’s body consumes up to three times their body weight upon the foot’s impression during a run. This constant demand could lead to injuries such as plantar fasciitis and stress dislocations without a peculiar guide.

Further, it’s challenging to manage a regular heel-to-toe change while running. Many people (especially beginning runners) flail their legs round, stomping their feet on the ground with no systematic knowledge of their foot strike design. This can get much damaging behind a while, which is a different reason why the Brooks Ghost 12 is so beneficial.

The Crash Pad stimulates natural foot motion, limiting too much stress and weight from befalling on the globe of your foot.

Additionally, Brooks performed a freshly engineered mesh and 3D Fit Print upper, contributing to what many reports as the warmth of your foot being “welcomed” by the shoe.

Some runners have informed that the Ghost 12 and Ghost 13 require virtually no break-in whatsoever. This is because Brooks also blended their Flex Grooves characteristic, which enhances the shoes’ suppleness, allowing your foot to move as smoothly and naturally as achievable while you drive.

Brooks Ghost 12 vs 13: Differences in Core Specs

Brooks Ghost 12 vs 13

Instantly that you understand what the Brooks Ghost shoes are in and of themselves, you can completely understand the variations between the 12th and 13th versions. Firstly, here’s a look at the Brooks Ghost 12 key peculiarities:

  • Neutral guide
  • Fitting for runners with high and mediocre curvatures
  • 12mm drop
  • Weight:
  • Women’s: 9.3 oz
  • Men’s: 10.4 oz
  • Cushioned shoe

These components assure that the Brooks Ghost 12 is adaptable enough to suit a wide assortment of runners with different foot types yet explicitly sufficient to produce significant relief for those with the inserted foot shapes. Plus, the shoe is just light adequate to build confidence while creating a stable ride, as mentioned above.

While the Ghost 13 participates in a handful of similarities with the 12, there are a few differences to note. Here’s a summary to get a broad feel for the Brooks Ghost 13 specifications:

  • Neutral guide
  • Suitable for runners with both high and average curves
  • 12 mm drop
  • Weight:
  • Women’s: 8.8 oz
  • Men’s: 10.1 oz
  • Cushioned shoe

As you can understand, the two share quite some attributes, particularly in their guide features and profile. The essential variations lie in the kind of technology combined into the shoes’ intention and weight (the Brooks Ghost 13 is 3-5 oz light, depending on whether you acquire a women’s or men’s shoe).

To determine whether the deficiency of these highlights will improve your running activity, here’s a more accurate description of the two.

Brooks’ BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT

One of the essential advantages that the Brooks Ghost 12 shoes have over the 13 is combining the BioMoGo DNA foam.

So, what is the BioMoGo DNA? Naturally, this is Brooks’ take on an environmentally-friendly shoe ingredient that will not only increase your running expertise but shrink your copy footprint (pun intended).

On one level, this midsole foam will stand over extended use. Then, when you’re assuredly ready to toss the shoes out to the landfill, the element includes a non-toxic natural additive that animates anaerobic microbes in the shoes’ closeness to breaking down the aspect.

This induces the shoe to decay 50x faster than it habitually would, which is a massive plus since shoes typically need 30-40 years to break down completely.

(Note: The “DNA” serving of this cushioning refers to the inset that sits within the BioMoGo foam.)

Notwithstanding this variation, both shoes have Brooks’ DNA LOFT, a blend of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), a surprisingly sustainable element, rubber, and air. This technology is a level up from the Super DNA and is accountable for your flexibility while consuming these shoes.

Brooks Ghost 12
Image : Amazon

Brooks Ghost 12 vs 13 Uppers

Both the Brooks Ghost 12 plus 13 running shoes have the 3D Fit Print. Brooks’ innovative screen-print technology that aids in maintaining the shoe’s physical construction completely reconstructed use. It also maximizes versatility.

Without this, your shoes may be at the hazard of warping, damaging, losing their anatomical sincerity over many hundred miles. (If you’re wondering how various miles Brooks Ghost last, the company decides that all its footwear lasts 300-500 miles.)

This feature corresponds with the Air Mesh uppers—another phase where the two shoes contrast.

What is Air Mesh? Brooks served until the Ghost 13 to preface this new tech, exceptionally to maximize breathability without negotiating a snug stroke.

Although the Ghost 12 shoes comprise breathable, the snare is not mainly created for optimal coolness so that runners might feel the departure after several miles.

Weight Differences Between the Brooks Ghost 12 and 13

A different critical feature that departs these two shoes is their weight. As suggested above, this variation can take about 3-5 oz off your shoe, depending on whether you wear men’s or women’s sizes.

This doesn’t look like much, but this can induce a drastic separation in your review. More difficult shoes force you to exercise more power as you move, so you’re likely to get bored much more immediately—heck, you might not even end your run!

All right, so this weight variety might not be that big of a bargain for endured athletes. Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder built that for every 3.5 oz (or 100 g) of weight joined. The athletes only ran 1% slower. Nevertheless, they did contemplate that an “elite marathon” runner might be able to shave off 57 seconds of their time by defeating their footwear weight by 100g.

Still, newcomers beware: Try on the shoes first and possibly even resemble their weights to your famous pair. It’s most satisfying to go with a smaller shoe when you’re starting—you don’t want to get off on the incorrect foot (yes, pun intended—again) at the very opening of your running activity.

Image : Amazon
Brooks Ghost 12
Image : Amazon

Brooks Ghost 12 vs 13: Comparison of Similarities

Many of the shoes’ associations have been guided out already. There are a few to note in appreciation of the DNA LOFT and 3D Fit Print, including the drop and adaptability with specific foot models.

Brooks Ghost 12 vs 13: Drop

The usual rule for a shoe’s drop is that the higher the frequency, the abrupter the angle variation between the heel and forefoot. For example, assume that your foot is flat on the ground and barefooted. In this situation and position, your footing has a 0 mm drop. Now, when you use a shoe, your heel piece is raised off the ground, upgrading it above your forefoot. This improves your foot’s mobility model while running, either for more critical or more helpful (depending on your foot).

While Many runners suggest only taking shoes with a 6 mm drop or more critical (mainly if you run heel to toe), other specialists say that six or thinner is excellent—and yet run so far since to tell that 0 is best. This creates a feeling if you usually land on your forefoot or midfoot while moving.

Both the Brooks Ghost 12 and 13 footwear have a massive drop at 12 mm. Several runners have described that the dissolution has been a significant relief from their regular low-drop alternatives. Both boots are great in giving much-needed support to the mavericks of runners who attend to do heel-strikers. Keep in mind that the enclosed heel board is less stuffed in the 13 than the 12, which may be a vital drawback for this equal society.

What Foot Shapes Are the Brooks Ghost 12 and 13 Best For?

The Brooks Ghost 12 and 13 shoes are composed to be an impartial fit on feet with high and average arches. To choose if this is decorated for you, you’ll require to know your foot pronation. The three various kinds are:

  • Neutral arch
  • Low angle (having a soft hook or none at all is typically applied to as becoming “flat feet”)
  • High arching

All these various foot shapes ascertain how your foot rotates around while you walk. Someone with an indifferent arch won’t have as many difficulties as a person with flat feet since their foot will continue to a safe place as they walk. However, a person with a low arc might endure embarrassment or anxiety over time, as their feet work too far inward—called “overpronation”—during transportation. On the other hand, someone including a long arc will see that their feet lightly roll interior on an impression associated as “under pronation” (e.g., hitting the foot down while moving).

If you don’t now know, you can say which of these classifications resembles your foot fitness by looking inside your shoe. If the sole is reduced regularly, you have a vague arch. However, those with unnecessary wear on the inner servings of the remaining overpronate. You might below pronate if the wear is on the sole’s exterior edge.

Those who would profit the most from consuming the Brooks Ghost 12 and 13 shoes have impartial or high arcs. 

Brooks Ghost 12 vs 13: Which Brooks Ghost is the Best?

Naturally, both of these shoes are great for a wide assortment of runners. Whether you have indeterminate or high arcs, go on short or long-distance runs, you’ll observe excellence in this footwear. Still, there are many areas where the 12 defeats the 13. Individually, the BioMoGo DNA’s addition is a tremendous plus, as it delivers the ride so much more rhythmic while also helping the atmosphere.

On the other hand, the Ghost 13 is significantly more accessible than the 12. Plus, its inner crust table is less quilted than the Ghost 12. This means that you’re looking at a trade-off between pleasure and sparse impediment inactivity. Athletic advantage if you’re opting to the 13 above the 12. Both shoes are excellent bargains for any offshoot (except these with flat feet), so you’ll receive your money’s worth, depending on your particular requirements.


The Brooks Ghost 13 is an excellent shoe and is the best running shoe for newcomers, seasoned runners, and walkers. Its cushioning method and moderately lightweight build a talented shoe whether you are going short and quick or require satisfactory cushioning and comfort for seating in long miles. If you are looking for a Pleshette cushioned shoe that gives excellent breathability and just the correct amount of durability, then the Brooks Ghost 13 is an excellent option. 

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FAQs For Brooks Ghost 12 vs 13

Which Brooks Ghost is best?

The Best Brooks Running Shoes 2023

  • Best for Everyday Training: Brooks Ghost 13.
  • Best for Stability: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21.
  • Best for Cushion: Brooks Glycerin 19.
  • Best for Lightweight Stability: Brooks Launch 8.
  • Best for Speed work: Brooks Levitate 4.
  • Best for Marathoners: Brooks Hyperion Elite 2.
Is Brooks Ghost 13 a perfect running shoe?

Whether you’re a beginner just rousing or a seasoned marathon runner looking for a dependable trainer to eat up training miles, the Brooks Ghost 13 is a reliable option. It’s an incredibly well-balanced trainer best suited to everyday easy-paced runs.

Are Brooks Ghost 12 suitable for running?

Brooks Ghost 12 Introduction

In its 12th revision, the Ghost has been the solid go-to footwear. For runners at all levels for further than a decade. The Brooks 12 moves right to size and produces a sock-like fit. The shoe is massively cushioned and highlights a 12mm heel-to-toe offset.

Is Brooks Ghost 12 a stability shoe?

Soft, STABLE RIDE: No thing how your foot properties, our Segmented Clatter Pad – a multicultural method of shock absorbers – will cushion every step and stride for smooth heel-to-toe transitions.

Are Asics better than Brooks?

Brooks tends to be more permanent than ASICS. ASICS in the past had more lightweight shoes, but there are statements of issues with the strength to obtain this. The new mesh upper on Brooks shoes has assisted in increasing durability quite a bit. Brooks is also attempting to build more lightweight shoes.

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