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Top 17 best womens golf shoes you should consider in 2023?

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The best golf shoes for you are essential because they form the swing base, and 18 holes is generally a minimum three-hour walk. As such, women need shoes to offer comfort and stability in similar measures, and they must look excellent too.

Suppose you are just starting as a beginner golfer. In that case, there is also the option of just wearing sneakers or running shoes, which I did initially.

 I started to play more golf, although; I understood that having a great pair of shoes. Made specifically for golf helped hold my feet stable and provided—better traction and weather protection in wet conditions than my sneakers.


best womens golf shoes

Skechers Go Golf Women’s Max Golf Shoe

  • Sneaker-like comfort
  • Price
  • Gripping traction with spikeless golf shoe

Like much of the golf industry, today’s golf shoe market has exploded. I believe it now has a much larger focus on comfort, performance, style, and fashion.

The best spikeless golf shoes are trendy as they provide stability and traction generally throughout the whole year. They also suit today’s fast-moving lifestyles, supporting women to wear them from house to the course, to covered areas in the clubhouse and beyond. 

Quick Checklist/ Summary :

Image Product Details   Price
Skechers Go Golf Womens Max Golf Shoe Skechers Go Golf Women’s Max Golf Shoe Note: Most Comfort. Check Price
Skechers Go Golf Womens Eagle Golf Shoes Skechers Go Golf Women’s Eagle Golf Shoes Note: Water-Resistant. Check Price
ECCO Biom Hybrid WoWomensolf Shoe ECCO Biom Hybrid WoWomen’solf Shoe Note: Soft, breathable high-quality leather. Check Price
Adidas PureBoost XG 2 WoWomensolf Shoes Adidas PureBoost XG 2 WoWomen’solf Shoes Note: Mesh gives flexibility and breathability. Check Price
Adidas Response Bounce WoWomensolf Shoes Adidas Response Bounce WoWomen’solf Shoes Note: Spikes for traction and gripping performance. Check Price

Why should I wear golf shoes?

Golfers should wear golf shoes because they support the golfer to keep symmetry and traction throughout the swing. Golfers who play in non-spiked shoes, such as running shoes, tend to slip and slide on the course, wasting valuable traction, particularly in drank conditions.

By inventing a quality pair of spiked footwear, the golfer supports the lower half of the body to stay grounded and quiet throughout the swing for a better fundamental approach to producing solid contact.

We have investigated and reviewed the best golf shoes based on their characteristics, specifications, looks, and performance and listed the top 17 here. All these shoes look excellent and feature the best you will get in the market. We have analyzed the user replies as well.

Here Top 17 Best Women’s Golf Shoes you should consider in 2023? :

1. Skechers Go Golf Women’s Max Golf Shoe


Skechers Max Golf Shoes for Women are created to look and feel like a sneaker or walking shoe. They are lightweight, very much comfortable, and offered in different colors and styles.

Wide sizes are available, and as with various athletic shoes, it may be wise to go up a 1/2 size. These are spikeless golf shoes, which motive they still have small plastic grippers or nubs that give some traction trice golfing.

best womens golf shoes
Image : Amazon

I own love of these Skechers Go Golf Max shoes and have assumed them for many years. The golf course I play is excellent, so I want comfortable and reliable golf shoes with enough grip and traction. And are suitable for walking 18 holes of golf with my handbarrow. That shoes are one of my go-to golf shoes, and I love these shoes very much.

My cause for switching to a sneaker-like golf shoe was to support my Achilles heel issue that I had developed. I needed to find a golf shoe to walk 18 holes and not prolong the injury on one of my heels. I choose the mesh fabric as more flexible and not rigid in the shoe’s back part.

The mesh fabric also is highly breathable in sweltering weather, which holds your feet more comfortable when the temperatures high.

The downside to the net fabric is that they are not water-resistant or waterproof, which means wet feet with even a little damp weather or dewy mornings.

I have noticed a few styles with a synthetic rubber strip that wraps around the toe area, which might help keep the feet husky on those dewy mornings.

The best tip I was given when these golf shoes get dust is to throw them in the washing machine. I was thoughtfully surprised at how well they came out clean and almost new seeing, and this was after two seasons of wear and tear.


  • Sneaker-like comfort
  • Price
  • Gripping traction with spikeless golf shoe
  • Fabric mesh is breathable and comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Many different color and style options
  • Machine washable


  • The mesh fabric is not watered resistant or waterproof.

2. Skechers Go Golf Women’s Eagle Golf Shoes

 These Shoes for Women are lightweight, satisfied, water-resistant. They are offered in several numerous styles and color mixture.

As with many Skechers shoes, these are shaped with comfort in mind and use the Goga cushioning processing, and Wide sizes are available. But as with many athletic shoes, it may be wise to go up a 1/2 size.

These are spikeless golf shoes, which means there are still little plastic spikes or nubs that support grip the ground when hitting your golf shots.

Made with synthetic material, they wipe clean and are water-resistant on dewy mornings.

Skechers Go Golf Women's Eagle Golf Shoes
Image : Amazon


  • Price
  • Comfort and GOGA Max Cushioning
  • Water-Resistant
  • Wipes Clean
  • Spikeless
  • Odor inhibitor, wicking moisture away, long-lasting


  • Plastic grippers can get a little slippy on hard surfaces.
  • The tongue is attached to the shoe with a somewhat narrow opening
  • Water-resistant, but no waterproof guarantee

3. ECCO Biom Hybrid WoWomen’solf Shoe

This WoWomen’scco Biom Hybrid Golf Shoe is another favorite and is ultra- satisfied. The Ecco brand is a Danish company that appeared in 1963 and is known for its high-quality soft derm walking shoes worldwide. They are also known for their discovery in footwear. In golf, to confirm a proven spikeless technology, they tested 2500 athletes to make positive that the shoe would work to the highest level.

The four dots on the shoe symbolize “q” quality, comfort, technology, and style.” These ladies’ Ecco golf shoes provide fantastic amenities for the golfer who needs a comfortable walking shoe. And weather protection on wet rainy days or wet conditions on the golf course.

I wore these for at least five years, and they were a favorite. I was extremely comfortable, waterproof, and loved the soft leather, which didn’t to be broken in.

ECCO Biom Hybrid WoWomen'solf Shoe
Image : Amazon


  • High-quality shoe and brand
  • Waterproof with Hydromax technology
  • Comfortable for walking 9 or 18 holes
  • Soft, breathable high-quality leather
  • Spikeless
  • It comes in 3 colors


  • Price

4. Adidas PureBoost XG 2 WoWomen’solf Shoes

I am starting to like the Adidas Golf brand. I feel like they are designing some incredible apparel and shoes that look to fit women.

These Golf Shoes for Women are lightweight, limber, and extremely solid when walking the golf course and playing around. They give light to moderate arch help and are designed with a patented favor foam technology that provides active cushioning.

These individual Adidas shoes for golf are made with mesh fabric. That many running-type golf shoes are now made with, making them relieved, flexible, and breathable. It has a synthetic slice on the toe area that helps hold dew from getting your feet wet. They are suitable for a lovely sunny day. But they are not waterproof for oozy, wet, or rainy situations.

This year, I got the love of these Adidas golf shoes. Adidas made my first shoes, and I didn’t know what to hope. When I keep them on, they did not feel hopeless. I was astonished at how comfortable they were and how difficult they felt.

I’ve worn them some times, walking up and down the hilly terrain of my golf course, and find that they give a solid, snug feel. I usually like loose-fitting golf shoes, but these seem to feed my feet with that extra support and coverage needed, mainly when walking some of the uneven terrains.

Just be careful when ordering as I need up a full size more significantly, and these shoes tend to lead a bit on the small side. Also, the power of testing is attached, so you do necessary to fit your foot into the opening. Other than that, these are instantly becoming my new go-to golf shoes.

A short note, I have worn these on lovely sunny days with no wetness on the golf course. As they are made with mesh fabric, I won’t wear them in wet conditions as they do not seem water-resistant or waterproof. I will update this post very soon; I find out :).

Adidas PureBoost XG 2 WoWomen'solf Shoes
Image : Amazon


  • Come in a choice of 3 colors.
  • Light arch support
  • Spikeless golf shoes with tiny excess treads for grips
  • Mesh gives flexibility and breathability
  • Lateral stability although the golf swing


  • A snug fit that runs a little bit, best to order 1/2 – 1 full size up.
  • A slip-on sneaker, the tongue is attached.
  • Mesh fabric – not water-resistant or waterproof.

5. Adidas Response Bounce WoWomen’solf Shoes

The Adidas WoWomen’sesponse Bounce Golf Shoes are a great all-around golf shoe. They provide “c” shining, comfort, stability for highest golf performance.” The cushioning technology usage a Bounce Foam technology that supports fantastic comfort while walking 9 or 18 holes of golf.

These Women’s golf shoes have actual soft spikes, so if you want a golf shoe that will grip the ground as you swinging, then these Adidas golf shoes will help you with that excess traction needed.

A companion of mine owns a pair of these. She mentioned that she loves how light and healthy they are and holds her feet dry during some cloudier environment on the course.

The Lizard might be a bit stiffer than a soft mesh or fabric.


  • Cost
  • Healthful for walking 9 or 18 holes using Bounce Foam technology
  • Spikes for traction and gripping performance


  • The Lizard might be a bit stiffer than a soft mesh or fabric.

6. FootJoy DryJoys WoWomen’solf Shoes

I can not list the best women’s shoes without including FootJoy, a long-standing premier golf shoes maker. They have been building shoes since 1857 and focus on “c” craftsmanship, technology, style, fit and function.” These WoWomen’sootjoy DryJoy BOA Golf Shoes provide midfoot stability, enhanced traction, and comfort. Suppose you are looking for enhanced, top-of-the-line traction and gripping performance in your golf swing. In that case, the Footjoy DryJoys use SoftSpike cleat technology.

Made with full-grain leather, they also come with a 2-year waterproof guarantee.

The women’s DryJoy golf shoes do not have laces to tie. Instead, it uses BOA technology to tighten the brocade for a more custom fit for your feet.

They may experience a bit stiff in the opening as they are made of high-quality, durable leather and may take time to wear.

Footjoy Dryjoys were my primary ever pair of golf shoes. Once worn in, they last for many years, holding my feet pretty and dry in all weather conditions.

FootJoy DryJoys WoWomen'solf Shoes


  • High-quality full-grain leather golf shoe
  • Excellent traction with Softspike cleats during your golf swing
  • 2-year waterproof guarantee
  • Long-lasting golf shoe


  • cost
  • A tiny stiff and tight may take time to wear in

7. Adidas WoWomen’sdizero Sport II Golf Shoe

Undoubtedly these Adidas golf shoes look like sneakers, but they also fit just like them. And if you order half a size more extensive, you can work in your wide feet. But that is you have wide feet. Otherwise, the regular size is pretty accurate.

Adizero Sport II is a highly lightweight pair decorated with ClimaProof protection mesh uppers and an outside SprintWeb TPU layer. The latter is for taking into gameplay superior stability for your lateral moving.

The outsoles are spikeless with Swing smooth Traction for improved grip and flexibility. Even the arch help is praiseworthy. You’ll likely are buying ten pairs of these Adidas shoes just so that you can wear them for the ease of your playing days.

Adidas WoWomen'sdizero Sport II Golf Shoe

Key Features:

  • Ultra-lightweight with ClimaProof mesh uppers
  • CloudFoam sock liner for lightweight cushioning
  • Adiwear outsole lugs offer abrasion resistance
  • PureMotion spikeless outsoles deliver enhanced traction.

8. FootJoy WoWomen’smerge-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

Now, it’s a guilt that FootJoy has put a stop to the production of their trendy Contour shoe. Still, the good news is that these FootJoy Women’s merge-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes are an excellent substitute. They provide a break-in time at all, which is another set of good news considering how uneasy, painful, and blister-ridden break-ins can be.

Moving on, you get enhanced gripping turf performance with long-lasting rubber outsoles. On top of that, lightweight cast foam for the underfoot presents all the cushioned comfort one questions for from all sorts of shoes, be it golf or walking.

And last, but not least for definitive, is the waterproof design. So you can play a resting and fun round of golf even when the golf course is damp and the weather rainy.

FootJoy WoWomen'smerge-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

Key Features:

  • Very comfortable golf shoes with no break-in
  • Cleated performance and contoured shape
  • Lightweight molded foam for underfoot comfort
  • Waterproof, breathable, and durable
  • Rubber outsoles with propriety compound ensure traction.

9. FootJoy WoWomen’soPro Collection Golf Shoes

If you’re into the golf game for a while now, I don’t tell you only how dependable FootJoy is as a brand that designs golf shoes. But this pair of FoFootJoy’soPro Golf Shoes, in particular, is the most comfortable of all. It resists dampness and dirt, but that’s all.

The arch support and fit are simply suitable for women golfers with foot situations like plantar fasciitis. All shoe from their LoPro collection features a rounded toe structure, with slight shallowness in the forefoot and slight limitation in the heel.

Plush comfort is also taken upon your feet by the inclusion of a lightweight EVA footbed. And the outsoles, made of a smooth rubber, are all about optimal flex and more plush comfort. If a shoe like this doesn’t develop your game, then I don’t understand what does!

FootJoy WoWomen'soPro Collection Golf Shoes

Key Features:

  • long-lasting, soft, comfortable synthetic uppers
  • Full-rounded toe for a value instep
  • Lightweight EVA footbed performance non-slip grip and plush comfort
  • Cushioned rubber outsoles for optimal flex

10. Adidas WoWomen’sureboost Xg 2 Golf Shoe

These are Adidas golf shoes breathable and lightweight as the Adidas Adizero Sport II model I reconsider earlier? Yes, they are. The new pair is also just as extraordinarily responsive, soft, and grippy.

With lightweight mesh uppers and excess stretch, Pureboost here gives you reinforced lateral stability much-needed for your every swing. The shoes are light and comfortable, but they also have a very aesthetic and athletic visual appeal.

Adidas WoWomen'sureboost Xg 2 Golf Shoe

Key Features:

  • Lightweight CloudFoam cushioning
  • PureMotion spikeless outsoles for a boost in softy
  • Highly responsive midsoles
  • Lightweight and stretchy mesh uppers
  • Ideal for women golfers with high arches

11. Adidas WoWomen’s Adipower Boost BOA Golf Shoe

This Adidas pair is a slight difference from the two reconsiders thus far. So what’s the trade with Adidas W Adipower Boost BOA? These golf shoes are decorated with a more robust design and also discovery technologies.

For starters, the building consists of a new fintech low-profile 6-cleated TPU outsole. Such a production paves the way for higher performance, durability, and grip. The heel of the shoe is S-size, so the fit stays secure all the way.

This foam in the midfoot and heel qualify constant energy return and walking comfort. Plus, these are entirely waterproof shoes.

 Adidas WoWomen's Adipower Boost BOA Golf Shoe

Key Features:

  • Durable, protective microfiber leather uppers
  • Fit foam PU sock liner offers excellent cushioning
  • Midfoot and heel feature help foam for a limitless strong return
  • Thintech low-profile TPU outsoles give stability and grip
  • The S-shaped heel provides a secure, suitable fit

12. Adidas Golf WoWomen’sesponse Bounce Boa

If there’s a brand that gives FootJoy a run for their money, it is undoubtedly Adidas. With their flexible arrogance cushioning in the midsoles and water-repellant Climastorm technology, in that case, at least, Adidas feels like a superior choice. 

What’s also very applaudable is the monopolistic L6 Boa Dial. The sequential is placed on the top of the tongue to make way for easy micro-adjustability. The L6 Boa Dial, it’s located relieved discreetly and activates a customized fit, which is the pair’s appealing quality.

Suppose men can get their clubs customized or buy those specifically crafted for longer legs, avoid bending the knees too much. Why can’t golfers consider purchasing customized fitting golf shoes!

Adidas Golf WoWomen'sesponse Bounce Boa

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, waterproof, and well-cushioned
  • CloudFoam insoles for durable comfort and support
  • Thintech Adiwear outsoles allow traction and abrasion resistance
  • Low-profile fintech cleat enhances durability on the green
  • Boa dial and closure system make a customized fit

13. Adidas WoWomen’slimacool Ballerina Golf Shoe

How about dancing your system through your round of golf in those Climacool Ballerina Golf Shoes by Adidas. The design is motivated by the dynamic, robust, and dynamic nature of ballerina dancers. With flexible spikeless outsoles and ultra-light net uppers, the pair is each bit grippy and full of traction, as any golfer might hope.

As usual, the brand’s sock liner is included for long-lasting cushioning. WhWhat’sew though, is the ClimaCool ballerina-inspired mesh upper with reinforced zones, which welcome moisture management and lightweight stability.

These are a set of cute golf shoes that feel very grippy and flexible with a customized fit.

Adidas WoWomen'slimacool Ballerina Golf Shoe

Key Features

  • Durable, non-marked rubber outsole traction lugs
  • Abrasion-resistant and breathable
  • FitFOAM delivers long-lasting cushioning
  • Mesh construction for ventilation
  • Ballerina-inspired design with stability-boosting reinforced zones

14. ECCO WoWomen’siom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

It may be the first look at the brand ECCO. Still, don’t lead you to understand that Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax is any less superior. The ECCO making here is high-quality, much comfortable, and well-made.

Some women golfers also have a vast shoe size, making it impossible for them to find a pair that fits comfortably. So if you can relate, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

What are the weather-resistant, durable, breathable, and generally soft yak leather uppers? And these are decorated with HYDROMAX technology for outstanding protection. Then there’s the set of Tour-proven molded attraction bars. On with silicon-printed insoles to check any rejected movement of the foot when your swing. In my decision, what a shoe!

ECCO WoWomen'siom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

Key Features:

  • Generally soft and weather-resistant leather uppers
  • It is anatomically shaped for athletic foot help.
  • Highly long-lasting molded traction bars offer superb grip
  • The insole system prevents redundant foot movement during the swing

15. New Balance WoWomen’sinimus Sl Spikeless Golf Shoe

Three innovative features transform these golf shoes into a pair that hands over all the cushioning, stability, durability, and responsiveness. One demands and expects from rugged, high-quality, even somewhat costly golf shoes. So it’s time to turn your listening to the current Scale.

Minimus Sl shapes REVLite midsoles, Endurance rubber outsoles, and Ortholite insoles. The midsoles are liable for creating a lightweight ride with maximum underfoot stability and cushioning. The outsoles consist of high-durability rubber compounds in the high-wear zones. And the insoles, with no difficulty, give long-lasting cushioning and moisture handle.

So if you haven’t ever purchased New Balance shoes for golf, this pair looks like the best non-regrettable first option.

New Balance WoWomen'sinimus Sl Spikeless Golf Shoe

Key Features:

  • Innovative REVlite foam midsoles for responsiveness
  • The long-lasting rubber mixture in the high-wear areas of outsoles
  • PU insoles are well-cushioned, breathable, and moisture-wicking
  • Ultra-light and breathable web with artificial overlay uppers

16. DAWGS WoWomen’solf Spirit Walking Shoe

They are agreed that the appearance is not as visually appealing as Foot Joy, Adidas, New Balance, Skechers, etc. But what’s indisputable is that these golf shoes are designed for golfers who often experience foot pain during gameplay.

The ultra-lightweight design and strategically placed molded rubber pins invite stability and achievement. You may not be so loving of the attention. Still, it’s probable not to treasure the massaging footbed and soft curve guided this running shoe has to pay off.

On top of that, the pair is entirely adjustable with a hook-loop fastener strap, which accommodates even big feet. So if you value comfort more than look, then you can’t wrong with these synthetic-built golf shoes.

 DAWGS WoWomen'solf Spirit Walking Shoe

Key Features:

  • Extremely lightweight and odor-resistant
  • Massaging footbed with excellent arch support
  • Adjustable hook-loop fastener strap ideal for wide feet
  • Cooling ventilation holes

17. New Balance Minimus Golf Shoe

Excellent Athletic Golf Shoe for Women Golfers

Key Features:

  • Mesh upper layer is breathable and lightweight
  • The spikeless outsole is stable and interacts with turf for a better foundation.
  • Plenty of outstanding features, including cushioned midsole for great response with each step
 New Balance Minimus Golf Shoe

Suppose you are looking for golfing footwear with an exceptional upper outsole that breathes well and an athletic, lightweight design. In that case, the New Balance Minimus is an outstanding option.

Highlighted by its affordable price, the Minimus is the standard-bearer for its golfing footwear line. For a good reason, it is loaded with features, including a responsive midsole that helps with stability and traction.

There’s saying p” t your best foot forward.” “ut in golf, those words are to be taken literally and not just metaphorically. However, when you wear the best women’s golf shoes, you are embarking on a task with as much confidence and work as possible. And most female golfers can use every piece of gear and trick in their arsenal to improve their game.

skechers arch fit golf shoes

Hugely popular in 2023, the latest Skechers arch fit golf shoe Collection features the high-performance technology, fresh designs, and comfort golfers crave. The range boasted innovations motivated by the brand’s running and lifestyle classes and was developed with insight and feedback from travel pros, including Matt Kuchar, Brooke Henderson, and Colin Montgomerie.

A key innovation for 2023 is introducing Skechers Arch Fit technology to its golf line – an insole system raised with over 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted foot scans to give podiatrist-certified arch help.

First started in Skechers sport and performance walking styles, the popular Arch Fit insole is designed to mold your foot, reduce shock and increase weight dispersion. The technology in four Skechers arch fit golf styles, two for men and two for women, will give enhanced arch support for long-lasting comfort on the course.


Comfortable legs help to have a correct stance which eventually helps you swing rightly. We have reviewed and listed out the 17 best golf shoes for women. That is indeed comfortable for you based on their construction quality, performance, and other features. I shared some tips to choose the best shoes in the market.

Women’s golf shoes aren’t sufficient for looking lovely at the golf course while performing 18 holes. They also provide you enough traction to stay balanced during your swing and are comfortable enough to get off tiring your legs out. To ease your choice and get the best women’s shoes, i.e., women’s leather golf shoes, women’s water-resistant golf shoes. Women’s lightweight golf shoes, and comfortable women’s shoes, we researched for you. We reviewed them based on the facts you should consider before purchasing the best golf shoe.

And we have given our opinion on which factors you need to focus on making the selection on your own. I hope this article benefited you. Drop any queries, and we will get behind to you.

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FAQs best women’s golf shoes

What are the most comfortable women’s golf shoes?

The Best Women’s Golf Shoes You Should Consider In 2023

What are the best women’s golf shoes?

Best WoWomen’solf Shoes

  • Puma Golf RS-G Shoes. Sizes: 3-8 inc half sizes. 
  • Skechers Go Golf Pro V. 2 Shoes. 
  • Ecco S-Three Shoes. Sizes: 3.5-7.5. 
  • FootJoy Pro/SL Shoes. Sizes: 3-10 inc half sizes and width options. 
  • FootJoy Flex Coastal Shoes. Sizes: 3-9 inc half sizes and two width options. 

Should golf shoes be snug or loose?

Snug mid-foot feel: You don’t want a super-tight fit, but golf shoes need to be snug enough to prevent movement during your swing. The room around the toes: If you can’t wiggle your toes, the shoes are too small.

How do I choose golf shoes?

You should ensure that the shoes you buy are comfortable enough to allow you to concentrate on your game. They should blend into the scenery as you play, unnoticed. If a golfer notices his shoes during a shot, he will likely be searching for the ball because there is a massive difference between golf shoes.

Are golf shoes worth it?

But are golf shoes worth it? Golf shoes are not mandatory except on some more exclusive golf courses. Can wear trainers to play golf, but golf shoes will give better grip, particularly in wet and uneven ground. The critical factor in the decision of what shoes to wear when playing golf is grip.

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