Best Shoes for Toddlers with Fat Feet

16 Best Shoes for Toddlers with Fat Feet in 2023

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I envy you if you have a baby with skinny, slender legs. Buying shoes for first walkers should be so easy! Conversely, if your toddler has wide legs, you can finish your work when looking for their first pair of shoes.

Before diving into the list of perfect shoes for fat baby feet, let’s cover what to look for in a shoe for kids who are just learning to walk.


Best Shoes for Toddlers with Fat Feet

New Balance 519 V1

  • Can fit children with braces

You don’t want any part of the shoe to be too loud or too loud, which leads to developmental problems. Flat shoes are often best for kids to learn to walk because it is the closest thing to getting barefoot.

Shor view for our Top 3 Best Shoes for Toddlers with Fat Feet Choose :

Image Product Details   Price
New Balance 519 V1 New Balance 519 V1 Note: The velcro straps are extra-long Check Price
Saucony Jazz H&L-K Sneaker Saucony Jazz H&L-K Sneaker Note: It offers a two-tone midsole. Check Price
New Balance Kids 680 V6 New Balance Kids 680 V6 Note: Very much stiff shoes. Check Price

There are also reasons why your child has wide or narrow legs.

Easy to buy slim legs. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Below is a list of perfect wide foot shoes for kids and toddlers in 2023. It can be not very clear to find something suitable as it is available with many options for sale.

Here 16 Best Shoes For Toddlers With Fat Feet :

1. New Balance 519 V1

The New Balance alternative closure shoes are one of the best choices available for kids with wide feet. The soft top mesh will adjust to the break-in period.

That price point is more than affordable for anyone, and it features a versatile top for kids at play with a high-quality kids shoe, lightweight IMEVA equipment for a low price point.

The non-stitched overlay gives a chic look, while the entire outer rubber makes this baby shoe extra durable.

Best Shoes for Toddlers with Fat Feet
Image : Amazon


  • Can fit children with braces
  • The velcro straps are extra-long
  • Parents who have kids with thick legs love this brand
  • Great feet cushioning


  • The tongue moves around too. 

2. Saucony Jazz H&L-K Sneaker

Saucony makes it with little driver or hiking in mind. These are creatively designed for mountaineers, jumpers, and active kids. Saucony makes all shoes, including permanently built, high-quality artificial materials.

Saucony Jazz Sneaker has a latch-over velcro alternative closure, making it easy for toddlers to help out with putting on their shoes. They attune with a delicate leather-like textured feel. Available in various colors, and the best part is that they can match parent’s shoes!

Saucony Jazz H&L-K Sneaker
Image : Amazon


  • Huge color variety
  • It offers a two-tone midsole
  • Excellent for kids who are hard on shoes
  • Very lightweight


  • Shoes are sized small.

3. New Balance Kids 680 V6

Offered with a selection of unisex shoes, it is perfect for kids who like to be active. More than anything else, parents are looking for the health of their baby’s feet.

It is built with a thin leather top and mesh points, and stitched-down fox details. These shoes are super flexible overall and match your baby’s feet.

New Balance Kids 680 V6
Image : Amazon


  • You can wash them in the machine very easily
  • Very stiff shoes
  • Customers maintain a new balance in the long-term
  • Kids leave them on during car rides


  • Seams might tear too easily.

4. Stride Rite Claire Mary Jane

Ah, longtime Mary Janes. Talk about bringing back memories. The shoe style has been around since our parents were kids, and now we can pair our baby’s feet.

Stride right makes it possible to keep your mind at ease when your child is playing comfortably. It is made from pure leather, unmarked rubber, and memory foam insole.

Shoes in this style require extra cushions and adjustable strap closure with their sensitive feet.

Stride Rite Claire Mary Jane
Image : Amazon


  • Great for kids to wear to school 
  • The soles are extra durable
  • Parents keep buying these for their kids
  • They don’t wear down easily


  • They scuff easily.

5. Stride Rite SRT

It’s made with 100% leather, so you know you can’t go wrong. Stride Wright has been standing next to high-quality makeup on the back of their kid’s shoes for a long time.

They choose materials that are made permanently and reduce toxicity from being introduced to children together.

SRTs are designed so that kids can latch and close them from the start. It has a memory foam footboard for ultimate comfort and agility.

Stride Rite SRT
Image : Amazon


  • Made with real leather
  • They fit true to size
  • Kids are very comfortable in these shoes
  • Kids can’t pull them off
  • Sturdy for learning to walk


  • It can be challenging to squeeze onto the foot.

6. New Balance 990 V5

Made with durable leather and textiles, these can only be baby shoes all over us on the list with the ties on the list to look and feel like they are running towards the end.

Customers talk about the sustainable nature that New Balance softens with this shoe. They provide a well-balanced mix of cushions, durability, and breathability.

Midsole technology is comfort-centric, giving your child classic iconic running shoes-

New Balance 990 V5
Image : Amazon


  • They run slightly oversized, which is great for wide feet
  • Kids enjoy wearing them
  • Doesn’t pinch toes in the front
  • Since they run half the size of the big ones – the kids have a growing room


  • The color is darker than appears online.

7. Sperry Haylard 

Moving on to a fabric-based shoe, the Sperity is the first ankle-high on our list to look like it’s for a beach trip. Hit all your incredible adventures as a toddler with wide legs in this stylish sneaker.

Salt-washed browns don’t pick up stains easily, and kids with hook-loop closes slip into their shoes. These are extra flexible due to vulcanized bottles.

Sperry Haylard
Image : Amazon


  • Great arch support
  • Ants are easy to run and stop babies
  • They are the perfect gift
  • Kids don’t complain about them being too stiff


  • The color is more grey than brown.

8. K-Swiss Classic

Isn’t it amazing that K-Swiss introduces small shoes like a baby and a toddler? As a kid, I wore my first pair of K-Swiss in elementary school, and now they’re ready to be your child’s first walker.

The shoes are designed for wearing, cleaning, and all the comfort together. The classic aspect of durable is the built-in K-Swiss great shoes to go with little brother or sister because they hold the quality even after long-term wear.

The options of choosing colors to make your pair pink across white will not disappoint you.

K-Swiss Classic
Image : Amazon


  • Here are a ton of shades to choose from
  • Very sturdy on the outside
  • Suitable for teaching your child how to tie shoes
  • Customers are happy with the return of the first purchase


  • The color might alter with cleaning.

9. Crocs Classic Clogs

Your baby may fit in the most comfortable slip-ons possible. Crocs have an excellent reputation for luxury and quality in one place.

Crocs seem to surprise everyone. Now parents of young children can make this adorable slip-on offer.

Being the lightest shoe, your child will get a natural feeling for his walking abilities, enabling this gorgeous shoe to learn to walk.

Crocs Classic Clogs
Image : Amazon

It has an extra breathable side, a waterproof design, and a strap that can sway backward or secure the front.


  • Very durable
  • The bright colors attract everyone’s attention
  • Perfect for water play
  • Clean easily


  • If you don’t use a sealant, the color mite fade

10. New Balance 680 V5

The new balance provides an athletic shoe with both laces and a secure latch on the top of the foot. Lace is made as needed for the game.

These are one step different from other kids’ shoes, and the 60V5 has Imeva Midsol and crash pad cushions for engineered kids.

New Balance 680 V5
Image : Amazon

Extra tight stitching makes it likely to feel confident that your child’s shoe won’t break too soon. New Balance dedicates funds to research, ensuring that young athletes succeed.


  • New Balance is keen on wide feet needs
  • Kids will say how comfortable they are
  • Excellent for high-instep feet
  • They are so easy it relieves feet pain for kids


  • The velcro isn’t the most sturdy.

11. Ikiki Squeaky Shoes

When was the last time you saw genuinely unique and comfortable kids’ shoes? Ikiki Squeaky Shoes are just that. It’s built with high-quality materials and unique designs. From frogs to panda bears, these shoes have all the creature designs. 

It is made from high-quality materials, the correct size, and a suitable strap for wide or slender feet. The skier can be turned off if parents don’t feel like searching for their kids.

Ikiki Squeaky Shoes
Image : Amazon


  • Undersole encourages heel-to-toe walking
  • Great customer service
  • Work well with braces
  • Kids love how they look


  • The price point doesn’t match the materials.

12. See Kai Run 

Here’s precisely what you want to do with these stylish sneakers that show your kids running. The thought of advancing under the adorable car tag on the outside of Kai Run’s feet goes beyond the appeal of the eye, starting with the rubber.

These shoes make your child believe that the rubber caps in front of them provide more protection when showering, while the herringbone design below provides traction while playing.

See Kai Run
Image : Amazon


  • Extra breathable
  • They grow with your child
  • Great for kids with flat feet
  • They last a long time


  • The velcro strip wears away faster than other components.

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13. Pediped Unisex First Walkers

One of your child’s needs is to serve as clothing and toys. Paid unisex shoes provide comfort and style in a thoughtful design. It uses such best materials; Stuffed mesh, rubber, and durable textiles.

It’s ready to impact your family’s shoe life, enabling kids to feel the space below them as they learn to walk.

Pediped Unisex First Walkers
Image : Amazon


  • Chubby feet fit nicely
  • Babies run well in them
  • Give extra room for wide kids feet
  • The mesh outer is extra breathable


  • The sizing runs a little bit.

14. Nike Kids Revolution

Of course, Nike has made our list. Some of the best running shoes Nike has made. These revolutions are minimalist designs and worthy of extra breathing for moving kids.

It is made from single-layer mesh and extra soft foam under the feet. In revolutions, there is no overlay that parents do not like their children.

Nike Kids Revolution
Image : Amazon


  • Make a great gift
  • Perfect for sports and running
  • Truly unisex design
  • The colors truly pop


  • It might be sized small.

15. Stride Rite Ace

These everyday runners are relatively ready to play but are good enough to wear before. It has a mesh feature made from suede. A hook and loop closure can freely lace up their shoes for kids and be extra durable.

These make it possible for lightweight, athletic kids to feel their weight while playing. It is fully equipped with Aegis and antimicrobial treatments that reduce odor.

Stride Rite Ace
Image : Amazon


  • Extra supportive for feet that need it
  • Kids who can remove their braces find solid support from Aces
  • Great for kids who need correction walking
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • The velcro might wear down early.

16. Casual Sneaker

For your minor child, the only thing that should always be comfortable, soft, flexible, durable, and easy to use is their shoes. Yes, the potential of the Stride Wright brand offers the best shoes for young children with wide feet.

The steroid style is known for buying baby shoes and understands parental preferences for fat feet babies. My clear advice about this brand of the product was when I was looking for my toddler shoes.

Casual Sneaker
Image : Amazon

The company created the perfect shoes with leather in the latest designs of sneakers and Cameron. It is made of 100% leather and durable. Also, keep a round toe box that is suitable for delicate foot balance. Soft sole baby shoes are comfortable developing baby feet without any pain and tingling—the best baby shoes for flat feet.

Casual Sneaker for kid
Image : Amazon

Stride Right Comfort and soft shoes are available in various colors, the upper and lower skin, durable, supportive and delicate child protection. A rubber round toe helps protect children’s toes perfectly and while playing.

Casual Sneaker for toddler
Image : Amazon

However, a rubber sole is best for traction and grip. On the back of the shoes, a heel tab helps them move and close the boots quickly. I will then make this choice when my little girl takes off her shoes but does not put on comfortable shoes in the manner of a stride.

Casual Sneaker for baby
Image : Amazon

The Right Stride size chart has a comprehensive and extra-wide size that is suitable for kids feeling wide. Don’t forget if you want to know if my baby has extra-wide baby shoes; That’s why I’m ordering extra-wide sizes that fit my baby’s feet perfectly.


  • Wide Toe Box
  • Hook and Loop Closure
  • Provide Traction


  • Strap falling apart
  • Oddly made as of right and left both not fit same
  • Not fit on regular wear


Your kid deserves the best first walker in his late childhood years. In children’s shoes, this usually means three things: comfort, longevity, and they can breathe to avoid smelly feet.

This list was first created with kids in mind. Through customer experience and top reviewed products, this list includes the best baby and toddler shoes on the market today.

We know that babies have slender, wide, sensitive, and flat feet. Now, baby shoes can be made without thinking about buying them. The branded list is selected for wide and fat feet with different sizes and colors. You know, kids develop fast and their running skills too. So, it is pretty essential to turn it on and off. This is the only reason we always recommend choosing a regular size that gives you wide-fit soft sole baby shoes.

Regarding other features, we suggest choosing a larger foot, table, breathable material, and flexibility. Which makes them easy to walk on and always likes to keep off. You will find high-quality best baby shoes for flat feet with many stunning and perfect designs where the price is not considered, and it will help if you find it appealing and remarkable. So, this is a way that you can choose the ideal footwear for kids.

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FAQs for Best Shoes for Toddlers with Fat Feet

What shoes are suitable for fat toddler feet?

If you bought shoes to fit extra wide toddler feet, there was no need to look any further than crocs! Not only is this a fabulous place to start, but it’s also a great place to relax and unwind. Crocuses don’t come in a wide range of sizes, but that’s okay, as their traditional thimble sizes are ample space for the toes of more fat little kids.

Are Crocs good for wide toddler feet?

-Crocks can be an excellent option for someone who has particularly wide or swollen feet that do not allow for other types of footwear.

What size crocs do two-year-old wear?

Use values to estimate shoe size from a young age. Suggested sizes are 5 for a 12- to the 18-month-old child, 6 for an 18-24-month-old baby, 7 for a 2-year-old, 8- for a 2- to 2 1/2-year-old, 9 for a 3-year-old—10 for three 1/2-year-olds, 11 for a four 1/2-year-olds and 12 for 5-year-olds.

How fast do toddler’s feet grow?

Babies’ legs can grow half the size or more every 2 to 4 months. To measure

Within two months, your baby’s feet must make sure their shoes still fit well.

How do I know the size of my kid’s shoes?

Measure length:

Use the ruler to measure from the outside of the heel to the tip of the big toe on both feet. Write the number in centimeters and label it as length. Remember – many baby feet come in different sizes as they get older. Measure each foot individually to find a size that fits both!

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