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Top 5 Best Basketball shoes for dunking in 2023

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That is my analysis of the best basketball shoes for dunking in 2023. It’s clear. Not all sports players can be like Big Shaq or Yao Ming—who were once the greatest NBA players in their time. A slight hop from Big Shaq could prevent any little forward from dunking, thanks to his size.

We but had guys like Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson who dunked over the ends of Yao Ming and Shaq.

So, what was the mystery of these players who were merely 6.2″ in height?

Simple! They could spring 4 feet above the area and push the ball into the net like zero. Today, we see similar basketball players that have received the skill to spring very high over the ground.


Mens Basketball Shoes Curry 8

Mens Basketball Shoes Curry 8

  • Steph Curry’s original shoe under his new label is a standout.
  • Great all-around hope shoe for guards and wings.

But, here’s the icebreaker!

Let’s be fair. For many of us selected, dunking on a regulation 10-foot net is a pipe desire. But there are a few who can push it down as long as they have the best basketball shoes. If you want to get a chance to dunk, you must find the Best shoes for dunking that maximize your upright high jump. At the same time, you want those sports to have other important factors like fit, cushioning, and back not to lose the rest of your game.

So can you put it on a sneaker that will give you a wicked slam hand in your next pickup game? If dunking is your goal, you want shoes with two main features – they want to be light (so you don’t weigh yourself) and have maximum spring (to help you get up). That’s why we picked the best shoes to do right that I, like all basketball players, need to be able to dunk regularly. Sadly, only 6-feet long, it gets a ton of labor.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if there were shoes that hurt you from unathletic, slow, and ground-bound into the following Vince Carter?

Top 5 Best Shoes For Dunking :

1. Puma Clyde All-Pro

●    9.2 rating based on three expert reviews

● The Puma Clyde All-Pro is another excellent release from Puma.

● Good for any position or player who likes responsive cushions and a minimal feel.

Puma Clyde All-Pro
Image : Amazon

2. Nike PG 5

●    9.0 rating based on three expert reviews

● The PG 5 is a superior all-around performer and a nice rise over the PG 4.

● It runs best for players that prefer a minimum, lightweight, and warm shoe no matter what state they play.

Nike PG 5
Image : Amazon

3. Nike PG 3

●  8.9 rating based on six expert reviews

● Well, an all-around performer at a very fair price

● A handy shoe that works for all areas

Nike PG 3
Image : Amazon

4. Under Armour Curry 8

●  8.9 rating based on four expert reviews

● Steph Curry’s original shoe under his new label is a standout.

● Great all-around hope shoe for guards and wings.

Mens Basketball Shoes Curry 8
Image : Amazon

5. Adidas Dame 5

●  8.8 rating based on seven expert reviews

● Dame’s best shoe so far! A great all-around performance at a very affordable price

● The Dame 5 works most suitable for quick guards who prefer active cushioning

Adidas Dame 5
Image : Amazon

These are the best-rated shoes that are well-suited for jumping (as of Apr 02, 2023) in the list of aggregated shoe reviews I have created here. Follow the link and determine which shoes are the overall top-rated basketball sneakers according to the most well-respected shoe reviewers out there.

Checkout our 11 Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping Higher

Good news! There’s one shoe name out there that ensures just that! (Well, to be fair, they only touch up to 3.5 inches of vert increase, but that might make the difference!)

But can APL deliver on its promise? Let’s find out!

Introducing Athletic Propulsion Labs

APL was founded in 2009 by 22-year old identical twins Adam and Ryan Goldston, who both played basketball and soccer for the University of Southern California.

Early on, Athletic Propulsion Labs concentrated on solid production and released their first shoe, the Concept 1, in 2010. Shortly after that, their business took off when the NBA started the boots would be prevented because they presented an unfair preference.​

Today, APL focuses more on luxury lifestyle trading in up-scale department stores or Lululemon instead of FootLocker and Eastbay.

​Luckily, with their newest sneakers, the “SUPERFUTURE” and the Idea X, APL went back and produced two special basketball shoes intended to improve your vertical. Let’s take a closer look!

 APL Concept X

With Concept X, APL celebrates the 10th birthday of the release of the original APL Concept 1.

The painting looks somewhat similar to early Concept models, but the interior has increased significantly. For the first time, APL uses ten spring coils (instead of 8) to improve your vertical even more in their Load n Launch technology.

Aside from the Load n Launch tech, this shoe does very well as a regular sports shoe. The stress is first on clean courts, the Future-foam cushioning feels soft and warm, and the full-on knit element is super-premium.

APL Superfuture

Compared to Concept X, it comes with the traditional Loan’n’Launch module that only features eight spring coils instead of 10. It also brings without the full-length carbon plate, making the shoe a little bit lighter and allowing you to feel the spring technology under your forefoot.

The stress of the APL SUPERFUTURE is stupid good, and the impact strength is solid even though you’re more like to the ground related to the Concept is X.

The upper is reminiscent of the Adidas N3XT L3V3L and comes with a very premium sock-like upper made from knitting that features no laces. Unfortunately, the upper stretches out quickly and is not very supportive, which means your feet start to move around in the shoe after a while.

Do APL shoes make you jump higher?

The Load n Launch Technology

After the Load n Launch technology, the concept is to store energy as the “loading” period of a jump in the spring coils in the forefoot launch pad. This additional power is returned from the springs to your feet during the takeoff phase and increases your vertical jump.

Idea X takes it even further by adding a full-length carbon base and additional springs to make the energy transfer between athlete and shoe even more efficient.

Does it work?

Best shoes for dunking. I had the chance to try out the previous model, the APL Boomer, and I experienced small-ish gains myself. But, I never got about to test them in more detail. Luckily, there are a few Youtube videos of somebody working out APL shoes. Let’s sum up their results:

Sammy from the Sole Brothers

Results: Small and inconsistent increase

Sammy experienced a slight vert increase on some days and no increase on others. He also suggests some potential explanations for those results:

● He’s not an oversized jumper and doesn’t have the required technique to profit from the Load n Launch technology.

● He’s too light at 155lbs to make it to work.

Evan Yee

Results: Small improvement (at best) for most players, more significant growth for more athletic players

Evan and most other testers saw slight increases, which he possibly attributes to the Placebo effect. More athletic players testing the shoes saw more significant growth.

1.Sean Reyes

Results: No improvement for two-legged starts from a standstill

Dr. Sean Reyes (a former high jumper) did an in-depth analysis using a vertex to measure his results and didn’t see any increases in a two-legged jump.


Results: Small increase in a quick test

The examination in this video wasn’t as accurate as in others, but Dimarko02 thought he was taking a little higher in his APL than his Kobes.


Results: 1-inch increase in one-legged jumps / 2-inch increase in tow-legged jumps

SGKicks got the best outcomes out of all Youtube videos I could see. On his two-legged bars (which he prefers over one-legged jumps), he developed his vertical from 28 inches to 30 bits.

How to find the perfect basketball shoes for vertical jumping:

If your goal is to jump as high as feasible, then you need a shoe that meets these three rules:

1.Tight fit

Your shoes have to fit correctly if you want to get the best vertical jump results.

There is nothing more dangerous than slipping inside your shoes when attempting to jump. Poorly suitable shoes make you lose enough of your momentum and stability through takeoff and severely reduce your jump height. Please don’t feel you are securely locked in, and you might want to consider wearing high-performance basketball socks; they make a difference.

Overall, you really can’t minimize the effect of a snug fit. When sports players get their vertical jump included in pre-draft combines, they usually use shoes a half-size too small to ensure as close a fit as potential!

2. Excellent traction

This point is significantly related to #1. Wet shoes (or courts) are poison to jumping long.

When a vertical jump, you first gain level speed by running towards the net, then you start your jumping leg (or both) and use your leg(s) as a lever(s) to change the horizontal speed into vertical speed.

Now, guess what occurs if your shoes slip on the surface when you try to jump.

You each fall, or your jump will be significantly lower because your leg drops tension and can no longer act as an active lever.

This is also why you can jump a lot higher on pristine, regularly waxed hardwood courts than dusty outdoor courts. You can convert horizontal speed into vertical speed much more effectively.

3.Stiff sole & responsive cushioning

When it comes to jumping as high as possible, you don’t want shoes with many cushions. While those may be more convenient and easier on your joints, they too absorb a lot of power when you are driving into the ground and, consequently, negatively influence your vertical.

Best shoes for dunking are comparable to dribbling a flat basketball. If the air force is too low, the ball dampens the result so much it doesn’t spring back as high as it would if the ball were filled.

Now that you know what to look for, I want to show you some current basketball shoes suited well for jumping. These shoes fulfill the three criteria mentioned above: excellent traction, tight fit, and responsive cushioning.


Results vary: Some testers saw no or only minimal increases. Others increased significantly and consistently by up to 2 inches. Though, nobody gave the 3.5 inches that APL states on their marketing element.

Overall, it appears that more powerful jumpers saw more significant development, and two-legged jumpers may profit more from the Load n Launch technology than others.

Suppose you are interested in trying out one of APL shoes. In that case, I will go for the Concept X as it has the more difficult Load n Launchpad and a more supportive upper, which runs a lot better for intense basketball games than the laceless upper of the nifty future.

Can’t you afford the crazy-expensive APL shoes? Fortunately, there are other shoes in the store that allow you to jump on top. For example, Best shoes for dunking.

In the following sections, I will show you how to get these shoes!

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FAQs for  Best shoes for dunking

What shoes make you jump higher?

Athletic Propulsion Labs® has created actual playing shoes designed to make players jump higher during a game – increasing the benefits to a player’s jump shot, rebounding, dunking and shot-blocking ability.

Are there shoes that increase your vertical?

What I can do, though, is lace up a pair of Athletic Propulsion Labs basketball shoes, which have a unique distinction: The NBA bans them for their ability to improve a player’s vertical leap. The shoes do this, the company claims, through a special mechanism called the Load and Launch.

What are the best shoes for jumping rope?

Top 5 shoes for dunking-

  1. Converse All-Stars. Srdjan Popovic’s pick. I’ve jumped in a lot of different shoes in my time. 
  2. Inov-8. Megan’s pick. Megan introduced me to Inov-8. 
  3. New Balance 1267. Dave’s pick. Dave loves his New Balance kicks.
  4. Nike Flyknits. Jeannette’s pick. 
  5. Nike KD 7 “Electric Eel” Kyle’s top pick.

Does shoe design affect jump height?

Although shoe-design technology may focus on better jumping techniques, jumping higher does not depend entirely on the shoes.

Can I skip barefoot?

Barefoot skipping can be done barefoot too. It is the same as jumping rope. For some, it is easy. Most shoes will be needed in the beginning until you get skilled and don’t catch the rope on your feet. Make sure you Jump on a low-impact surface like a mat, so there is less impact on your body.

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