Best running shoes for lower back problems

10 Best running shoes for lower back problems 2023

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Running with the back kind of running shoes can have multiple adverse effects on your performance, health, and well-being. Wearing improper shoes can also manage injuries and effort in all parts of the body.

About Running Shoes for Back Pain :

If you are a runner hurting from back pain without an underlying medical cause and condition, using the right pair of running shoes can help mitigate the pain, resolve it entirely and even prevent it from happening tomorrow.

Of course, you need to determine the proper shoes for your needs based on your foot type, gait, running schedule, style, and other personal factors. But some running shoes are better, provide better stability and cushioning, and help you manage your back pain better than others.

Using shoes that provide the right amount of cushioning for your needs is essential if you want to fix your back pain issues and prevent other ailments and even more severe injuries from the hard bearing on the joints and backbone from hitting the ground repetitively without proper shock consumption.

Short On Time? Here Are Our Top 3 Choices :

Image Product Details   Price
New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Running Shoe 1080v8 New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Running Shoe Note: provide total comfort. Check Price
Brooks Men's Ghost 11 Brooks Men’s Ghost 11 Note: May not feel soft when you first put them on. Check Price
Hoka One Men's Gaviota Running Shoe Hoka One Men’s Gaviota Running Shoe Note: highly comfortable, supportive, responsive, and light. Check Price

Retain Minor Back Pain on the Run

Often, minor back pain can prevent us from doing some of the elements we admire the most. Arrowhead Health Centers prefers it when People Get Healthy, and for some, that may suggest getting them back to running. We offer outstanding chiropractic care and physical rehab to bring you the pain relief you justify. Extreme of the care we contribute, there are many steps, before-mentioned as doing pain exercises, that you can take to enhance your approach and stay active. This may be as easy as finding the right shoes.

Here 10 Best running shoes for lower back problems :

1. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Running Shoe

The 1080v8 fresh Foam running shoe by New Balance is one of the most incredible shoes for back pain racers. They are neutral shoes for road running with dangerous cushioning and sufficient shock conversion, which will prevent impact to the spine during your running concourses.

Although they are more complex than some other running shoes, the 1080v8 shoes offer the protection you need, significantly if you recover from an injury or back pain. The supportive EVA foam midsoles are suitable for supinators and are designed to provide and promote natural pronation.

Best running shoes for lower back problems
Image : Amazon

The mesh upper is comfortable, provides sufficient toe space even for runners with wider feet, and is breathable.

Overall, specific shoes are proper for men with neutral and more spacious feet who need well-cushioned running footwear that will retain much wear and damage, provide comfort, and help them recover from lower back pain or another injury faster.

2. Brooks Men’s Ghost 11

One of the top running shoes for men with back pain, the Brooks Ghost 11 is active and lightweight yet allows sufficient cushioning for small, intermediate, and long-distance runs by men sustaining from back pain.

These neutral running shoes are versatile and emphasize the patented DNA foam midsole with Brooks’s full-length, segmented crash pads.

Although they may not feel soft when you first put them on, these running shoes are adequately cushioned. They will protect your feet, joints, and entire body from the impact of your feet hitting the hard ground.

Brooks Men's Ghost 11
Image : Amazon

They have breathable and light mesh uppers, suitable for men with narrower feet. Still, They are also available in medium and wide-width size options.

The Ghost 11 shoe offers tremendous stress and is an excellent option for those looking for the perfect balance between fast response and extra cushioning and support.

3. Hoka One Men’s Gaviota Running Shoe

The Hoka One Gaviota is a balance shoe with excellent cushioning, which at the same time is incredibly lightweight, responsive, fast, and supportive.

The Hoka One shoes weigh 10-oz and have a 5mm drop, but they add durability to the feet, parts, and intact body, including the spine and back.

Hoka One Men's Gaviota Running Shoe
Image : Amazon

These shoes are highly comfortable, supportive, responsive, and light. They have all the cushioning that any runner wants to comfort and prevent lower back pain without affecting the activity and overall performance during exercise, motion control, and running.

4. Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 14

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 running shoes are different from the suggested running shoes you can buy if you are a runner who hurts from back pain.

The Wave Inspire 14 is a stability shoe that provides ultimate cushioning and support. A pronator has upper or lower back pain needs for his running sessions.

The midsole cushioning and motion fan-shaped full-length flexible silverware includes the Mizuno CloudWave technology, softening the foot landing and smoothens the heel-to-toe transition.

The shoe above is made of comfortable seamless mesh with a midfoot and a broad toe box.

Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 14
Image : Amazon

The Mizuno Wave Inspire is the perfect running shoe for men who pronounce and look at the heel and need added cushioning, comfort, and durability without affecting the acknowledgment and the run.

They will surely help decrease and eliminate any upper or lower back pain caused by the repeated hard impact of running with the wrong shoes.

5. HOKA ONE ONE BONDI 7 ( For Women )

The Hoka One One Bondi 7 is an attractive pick for anyone who hurts from back pain. It may look unusual, but you will find this shoe is most cushioned on the market. The cushioning helps to relieve back pain.

While it looks heavy, Bondi 7 is very lightweight. A breathable above keeps your feet cool on hot days.

The Hoka One One Bondi 7 also presents a vast deal of stability. The sole is very high without too much flex. This also assists if you have arthritic digits.

To help smooth the development while running and walking, the shoe has a slight rocker appear on the sole. This takes some getting used to – some people feel like they are moving backward. But once you do, it’s simple to move around. Without this, the Bondi would feel clunky when you ran.

Image : Amazon


  • Lightweight
  • Weights of cushioning
  • Breathable
  • Stable configuration


  • Put your pride aside. The shoe seems funky
  • The solid sole might make people feel unbalanced

The outsole of the shoe is a strong rubber material. This provides friction and keeps you in place while running and walking.

In the end, the cushioning and thick sole is what will improve back pain. The Bondi 7 is the ordinary cushioned shoe possible today.

6. NEW BALANCE 1080V11

New Balance’s 1080v11 gives runners support and cushioning. This compound is perfect for anyone suffering from back pain.

Like the Hoka Bondi, these are well-cushioned shoes, but they are a little more “shoe-like” than Hoka’s.

The midfoot of the shoe provides for the base to flex while in movement. But, you won’t feel any stiffness while walking and running. Even with the cushioning, it has a sensitive ride.

The cushioning throughout the shoe also gives some stability. This puts your feet and body followed while walking. But it’s not a full-on stability shoe. So it’s suggested for people with means to high curves, not low domes.

Image : Amazon

The seamless higher is soft and breathable. The absence of stitching helps to prevent hot places from forming.

The high cushioning and standard design in 1080 will win runners over. It will minimize shock and reduce back pain while running and walking.


  • Cushioning with a lovely look
  • Durable and supportive
  • Soft above for comfort


  • Expensive near to other shoes


The Hoka One One Elevon 2 is an excellent pick for people with back pain. The shoe gives both support and stability while running. Its soft plushness cradles your foot and receives pounding while running.

Similar to Hoka’s other shoes, the Elevon has soft, marshmallow cushioning. This is most important in the dual-layer midsole. The first coat hugs your foot while you walk. The second layer gives soft cushioning.

The Elevon has a soft above. There are no irritating sutures to irritate your feet. This also retains the shoe light and zippy.

Image : Amazon

With its max cushioning, the Elevon seems like a shock-absorber for your back. It’s a great alternative if you require a lightweight shoe.


  • Double-layer cushioning for flexibility and support
  • Lightweight patterns 


  • May became slightly narrow

8. ON Running Men’s Cloud Terry Shoes – ON CLOUD CLOUD

The On Running Cloud extends from Switzerland to give a “cloud-like” ride. This company has increased in popularity due to its fashionable and comfy shoes.

The On Running Cloud practices the latest On technology. Zero-Gravity in the outsole makes for a super lightweight shoe. It’s so light it allows for natural flex.

Despite the lightweight element, the shoe is durable and soft. Thanks to CloudTec, the Cloud gives a soft landing. But as you transition ahead, CloudTec secures into place to move you forward.

ON Running Men's Cloud Terry Shoes
Image : Amazon

Besides the lightweight characteristics, the shoe appears in some very vibrant patterns. And a soft above completes the comfort of this shoe.

The On Running Cloud is most suitable for runners who want cushioning to relieve back pain. But also like a lightweight, stylish shoe.


  • Made of a very lightweight metal
  • Loads of cushioning
  • Durable and supportive
  • Soft material to adds momentum


  • The lightweight material may not resist rough situations

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The Altra Paradigm 5 has been re-designed to give a soft, stable ride. The wide toe box gives your feet relaxation. And the Ego foam provides you a cushioned drive with energy return.

Similar to all Altra shoes, the Standard features a foot-shaped toe box and zero drops. The roomy toe box allows your feet and toes to splay as if you weren’t using shoes. And the zero drop puts your heel and toes even – also as if you were barefooted.

But the excellent cushioning means you take protection against hard asphalt – like natural running shoes.

Image : Amazon

The above is a seamless screen. Your feet can breathe and stay calm. A guide rail and stabilized built into the midsole keep you stable when overpronating.

The outsole of the shoe emphasizes a long-lasting and long-lasting rubber compound. This material works to resist even the toughest of situations.


  • Composed of breathable material
  • Added rest for comfort


  • Thick individual not visually appealing
  • Not many colors or styles to keep from


The Brooks Launch 8 GTS shoes replace the Ravenna. They’re just about equal to the original Launch shoes, but they include GuideRails comfort to keep your feet followed.

GTS reaches for Go-To-Support, and they add more stability, which is very effective for relieving back pain. The GuideRails system retains your feet in the proper position and checks back pain resulting from abnormal alignment.

As well as exceptional support, the cushioning is the typically adequate Brooks rest. A BioMoGo DNA midsole gives a firm foam pillow that’s very lightweight. It may feel too intense for some, but it offers a lot of support, which can help with back pain.

Image : Amazon

The heel construction retains the foot locked in and secure. An air trap upper is applied and provides a tight and secure fit in the mid foot, adding to the shoe’s stability. This textile and artificial higher stretches nicely to provide a wider foot and allows the toes to splay naturally, which helps with the foot adjustment.


  • Guide Rails help
  • BioMoGo DNA mid-sole cushioning
  • Extended rubber on the out-sole of the forefoot
  • Textile and artificial upper


  • Some may notice that the cushioning is a bit too close
  • Not as soft as other shoes

Minor Back Pain Doesn’t Become to Be a Major Problem :

Pain doesn’t have to be deadening, and the good news is there are many elements you can do to stay active and pain-free. Getting provided by an industry expert, being aware of your specific footwear needs, and wearing shoes that offer you the best care are only a few things you can do to enable yourself on your pain travels. If your minor back pain yet insists or gets more serious, Arrowhead can support you. If you wish to check into chiropractic care or only talk to us about other matters, you can help with your minor back pain.

Insulation: Back pain can be complex or downright debilitating. While we recommend always following your doctor’s guidance, sometimes simple adjustments can make a difference.

Standard treatments like physical therapy, reflection, and other lifestyle modifications usually help cure back pain. But the best type of shoes you consume can also usually make a difference. Meaning, promoting the shoes you wear can lead to immediate relief.

Running shoes and the technology developed into them often helps to aid back pain. These shoes have loads of cushioning and enough support.

We’ve planned our top pick for the best running shoes that relieve back pain. Changing footwear won’t run for everyone. But we’ve noticed many of these models help people suffering from back pain.

Shoes Can Help with Minor Back Pain

Various aches and pains we endure result from unhealthy walking originals or the mechanics of the way you move, known as bio mechanics. The route you walk, or the attempts by your body to correct those patterns, can create misalignment, strain, muscle imbalance, and collective influence. Fortunately, if you’re in the right shoe, these difficulties can be nipped in the bud.

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